Monday 31 October 2011

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RSPCA NSW Education Team members, Steph and Eva, welcomed students from the Youth Off The Streets Chapel School for their second visit to the Sydney Shelter last Friday.

During their previous visit, the students were instructed in methods of positive reinforcement to train two Shelter dogs, Bow and Jeanie. This time around we made sure they didn't give all their attention to our canine residents (the evidence is below). Starting with reiterating some basic good manners for several Shelter dogs, the students were fantastic in keeping Morris and Hunter entertained with fetch being the flavour of the day. The students were then taken into the Cattery where cuddles were shared all around.

Thanks for the cuddles Daniel!
 Thanks Chapel School for providing some much needed attention to our Shelter animals!

Aaron and Piper  we're having heaps of fun
- don't be fooled by their expressions.

Calvin and Jinx were bonding well, though Jinx
wasn't too keen on photo bonding time =)

We let Edward (the person) out...eventually.

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