Thursday 6 October 2011

Gather around as we introduce...

...our newest Education Team member - a life-size German Shepherd named ??? (Yes, we are yet to agree on a name for Max's new buddy but do stay-tuned). Did we give in to Max's constant plea for a new friend? Possible. Did the Team have more than enough love to share with another toy dog? Perhaps. All in all, the German Shepherd along with Max the Collie was a big hit in Marrickville today as Education Officers, Steph and Eva, ran a 'Responsible Pet Ownership' Session for children and parents in the local town hall.

It was great to be approached at the end of the session by one parent who mentioned that now that she knew what we do as an organisation, would love to take her kids to our RSPCA Shelter to see all the dogs that are awaiting adoption. Fingers crossed you find your new family member soon!

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