Monday 10 October 2011

Our fave colour is Orange!

Okay maybe not our favourite colour (we're big fans of our RSPCA blue and green!) but we're definitely enjoying visiting the town!

To celebrate the last day of school holidays, Education Officer, Steph, made the exciting journey to the Orange PCYC to run one of our education programs. It's great to see that distance knows no boundaries when it comes to educating the community because every family that has a four-legged member needs to know how to provide the best level of care!

In fact, did you know that many of the animal cruelty complaints that RSPCA receive could have been prevented had the owner known about all the different responsibilties of a pet owner? So if you have been one of the lucky participants of our education programs, you are helping us fight animal cruelty! Go Team!

"What does RSPCA stand for?"

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