Thursday 13 October 2011

Magnanimous Marrickvillians!

(From left to right) Angie, Alex, Isabella and Zoe from RSPCA

Education Officer, Zoe, stumbled upon this uncommon breed today in the Inner City and to her surprise there were around 300 of them!

Who would have guessed that a group of around 300 high school students, who inhabit Marrickville High School could band together and raise over $1000 to support the vital services provided by RSPCA NSW! The SRC set out the target and over numerous events including mufti days and cake stalls, it did not take long for them to achieve their goal.

Zoe attended the School today for the illustrious handing over of the cheque by SRC members, Isabella and Alex. A special thanks to the lovely librarian Angie who will organise for us to visit again, this time to discuss with the students how the money helps our organisation and some of the things we do in the community.

If you encounter one of these fantastic Marrickville-folk, be sure to pass on our thanks and if you spot or know of any other fantastic fundraisers, be sure to drop us a line at 9782 4460 or

How can we help but smile at the sheer generousity!

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