Friday 30 March 2012

Newington College

Following a talk Eva and Zoe did last week, the boys from Year 3 at Newington College sent us these fantastic persuasive texts on "Animals in Cages"........
By Artie

By Ben

By George

By Jaxon

By Jeremy

By Joe

Thursday 29 March 2012

Volkswagon Family Fun Day!

Last Saturday saw the new Volkswagon Head Office in Chullora (just up from the RSPCA Shelter) open its doors for a day of fun for the workers and their families. 

Eva and Zoe from RSPCA NSW Education attended at the kind invitation of VW, who generously supplied RSPCA NSW with a brand new Animal Transporter earlier this year.

The afternoon was a great success..... A giant lollie stand, big balloons, the Wiggles car, colouring in tables, and most importantly (in our eyes!), Education Talks for kids attending about dog safety, pet care and the RSPCA!!!
Eva reading a RSPCA Tales Story to some of the VW Family!

The Lollie Table and the VW Group Tours

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Leap into Knowledge

RSPCA NSW Education Officers, Zoe and Eva, sadly farewelled Port Macquarie over a week and a half ago. On that Friday, Team ZE (Team Zoe & Eva) couldn't stand spending 5 hours on the road, without educating anyone so it was perfect that Leap Frog called in the experts - the responsible pet ownership experts!

Based in Newcastle, Leap Frog provides support services to people and families living with a disability or who are disadvantaged so Team ZE couldn't wait to chat to some of the wonderful staff and individuals.

The mission was clear - share important knowledge on how to be a responsible pet owner. This goes beyond just the feeding and watering regime but delves deep into the nitty gritty, like hygiene disposal, signs of illness even how to keep obesity at bay!

The participants were a lively bunch with some dog owners, some cat owners and some without pets. It was a great opportunity for the group to share their wealth of knowledge with each other and hear what is considered best practice from RSPCA NSW's perspective.

Thanks Leap Frog for the invite and afternoon tea and we look forward to visiting more of your groups soon!

Thanks Leap Frog for our afternoon treat!
(Look closely to see what it is...)

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Mission Impawsible....

On Tuesday, Claire and Zoe from Education visited Brigidine College in St Ives to speak to a very special group of students!

Brigidine College offers students the chance to be a part of different clubs within 'The Centre for Excellence'.  Its aim is to encourage the pursuit of excellence by providing educational experiences and opportunities that go well beyond the normal range of curriculum offerings. 
Today's group of students were all members of the Animal Welfare Club.

The Animal Welfare Club at Brigidine consists of students from Year 7-12 who are interested in and care about animals. What a great bunch of people! 

For their Term One project, students are taking part in "Mission Impawsible." They can either write an essay on "Animal Cruelty", or they can design a Tshirt logo and Caption for "No exotic animals in Circuses".  Two fantastic causes which they learnt a whole lot more about today from Claire and Zoe.

We'll make sure to keep in contact with the girls at Brigidine, and keep you up to date with their designs and ideas!

Claire answering questions after the talk

Tuesday 20 March 2012

There's hope in Wauchope

The compassion and understanding shown by students at Wauchope High School for animals yesterday was almost overwhelming for Education Officers, Zoe and Eva.

Last Thursday, Zoe and Eva rounded up another awesome week in Port Macquarie. The Team visited last November as part one of an Education Initiative funded by the local Hastings Council grant won by the Port Macquarie Branch. Their last school visit, saw Zoe and Eva speak with Year 11 and 12 students currently undertaking subjects in agriculture and primary industries.

Students had an amazing understanding about some animal welfares issues, ideas that the average person would struggle to comprehend. Issues relating the the welfare of layer hens, broiler chickens and sheep were major topics of interest and they were curious to know where RSPCA NSW stood on the issues.

Zoe reminded the students that they are the up and coming generation of pet owners and farmers and will therefore have a profound impact on the future of animal welfare. To know that they are equipped with such high animal welfare standards, it definitely puts smile on RSPCA's face!

Education Team chooks are starting to enjoy
the limelight!

Thursday 15 March 2012

We kept it short at Port...

...Macquarie High School. There was no need for a lengthy introduction or explanation about the nature of the animal cruelty that RSPCA NSW deals with on a daily basis because the Year 8 and 9 Agriculture students were quick to relay their own experiences and knowledge on the issues.

Education Officers, Zoe and Eva, were impressed by the passion the students expressed in relation to the various animal welfare issues surrounding what constitutes 'animal cruelty' according to the legislation. The minimum legal standards for some ways of interacting, housing and caring for animals were a shock to some students who would have afforded their animals a much higher standard of welfare.

When the discussion turned to what we understand as natural behaviours for canines (students stated that "barking is normal, even if we don't always appreciate it!"), one student mentioned how unnatural it was for exotic animals to be performing as circus acts. Spot on! RSPCA NSW knows that circus life does not meet the needs of exotic animals like lions, elephants and monkeys and yet they are kept for prolonged periods in close confinement and artificial social groups all for the purpose of entertainment. Find out more about our campaign to ban the use of exotic animals in circuses here.

Some images can be confronting but it was great to hear
everyones perspective on the issue

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Camden Haven High School

Yesterday, Zoe from the Education Team visited Camden Haven High School as part of the Hastings Council Grant for RSPCA Education in the Port Macquarie area.

Zoe spent the morning at Camden Haven HS's fantastic Agriculture Plot, talking to Ag Students and meeting all the local residents. Camden Haven students are lucky to have such a fantastic Ag Plot with such dedicated and enthusiastic Ag teachers.

Students get the chance to work with a wide variety of farm animals from chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, to sheep, cows, pigs, a donkey and even a buffalo!  Students also grow their own vegetables and herbs, and assist with farm maintenance such as fencing.
The two newest residents are a Brumby and foal, who were part of the National Parks capture scheme and who have been lucky enough to be rehomed at Camden Haven HS.  They have been farriered, groomed and are currently on a special diet to help them regain weight.

Students with one of the Ag Plots cattle, who will be a star
attraction at the upcoming regional shows.
And on the right, Walter the Wonder Buffalo.



The two newest residents at Camden Haven HS - Brumbies from National Parks NSW, relocated from Kosciuszko National Park.

Doing the "pole dance" to
secure the new fence posts

The resident Pig, having a lovely time in the mud

Tuesday 13 March 2012

A taste of freedom

Where can you see good food, large crowds and the RSPCA NSW Education Team chickens in the one place? At the annual Taste of Sydney Festival in Centennial Park.

If you treated your taste buds over the weekend at Taste then we hope you dropped by the RSPCA NSW Education stall. Confused as to why RSPCA NSW had a presence of the food festival? Well, so were many passerbys! It didn't occur to many people that RSPCA isn't just about cats and dogs but as the slogan goes: "all animals great and small" including those animals which provide us with sustenance.

The Team's mission was clear: get people thinking about humane food and how their choices have a direct impact on the welfare of chickens, pigs and turkeys.

The RSPCA NSW Education Team chickens were on hand to demonstrate the amount of room afforded to them in a battery cage - less than an A4 piece of paper.

It was great to hear an array of opinions and perspectives on the issue with many people questioning the accuracy of eggs labelled 'free range'. One way to clear the confusion would be to shop for produce that has been RSPCA accredited. These farms are kept accountable by standards that are publicly available and regular inspections by RSPCA assessors.

Thanks to all those who made a donation and took home a schnazzy enviro bag!

Rebecca Vella, RSPCA NSW Business Relations Partner
making friends with the chickens

Friday 9 March 2012

When school's out, education is fun!

The RSPCA NSW Education Team cannot wait for the April school holidays to arrive because its time for the second round of fun - the School Holiday Program at our Sydney Shelter is BACK!

Enrolments were officially opened this week with spots filling super-quick!

Click here to book online!

If you would like more information, please contact the Team on 9782 4460 or

We 're counting down the days til the fun begins...

Thursday 8 March 2012

Show Time in Inverell

This years Inverell Show was held on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of February at Inverell Showground.

Zoe and Steph from RSPCA Education in Sydney drove up to Inverell to support the local RSPCA branch at their pavillion.

Friday saw schools from the local area (including Gilgai, Delungra and Tingha) visit the show with their teachers, giving students the chance to explore the many displays, exhibitions and events. Zoe and Steph got a chance to meet all schools and deliver Dog Safety talks to the students.

On Saturday the local branch held their annual Pet Show. Entrants were many and varied, including dogs of all shapes and sizes, guinea pigs, rabbits, a goat and a horse! Prizes went to the Oldest Dog, the Youngest Pet Owner, Ex RSPCA Dog, Most Unusal Pet, Cutest Dog and many more fun categories!

The annual Pet Show in the RSPCA Pavillion

Steph meeting some of the locals!


Most Unusual Pet!
Best Dog 1-4 years old

Zoe meeting one of the locals!


Wednesday 7 March 2012

Fuji is at the height of generosity

RSPCA NSW Education Officers, Zoe and Eva, along with Sarah Ferguson, RSPCA NSW's Corporate Relations and Grants Manager journeyed to Fuji Xerox last week to inform staff on what RSPCA NSW does in the community and how their generosity assists us in our fight against animal cruelty.

What generosity is that exactly? Well where do we begin! The Supplies division of Fuji Xerox are donating 50 'RSPCA NSW' printed banners to be distributed to our 26 volunteer branches across the State, they've already conducted three separate fundraising events, with all funds matched by the Company and have developed an initiative to assist directly with our "goal to rehome more animals". Employees are encouraged to adopt their next pet from our RSPCA Shelter and when the purrfect pal is found, Fuji Xerox will cover the adoption fee!

During the visit, Zoe, Eva and Sarah were super-stoked to meet the first recepient of Fuji Xerox's "All For A Good Paws' initiative. Rheniel had been tossing up between adopting from a Shelter or a pet shop and having realised that often we are not made aware of where pet shop animals originate from, opted to adopt 'Lady', a female boxer from the Yagoona Shelter.

Lady's first day at work - everything is fascinating!

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Woof Fest @ Doonside

On Sunday, Western Sydney Parklands Trust held their annual "Woof Fest" Festival at the fantastic off leash dog park "Bungarribee" in Doonside. 

Despite the recent wet weather, local dogs bought their owners out in droves for a day of socialising and meeting new friends.  The rain held off for the event, but the ground was still wet enough to allow for a good amount of frolicking in the mud and ensuring paws and coats changed from white to brown.

RSPCA Inspectors Claire and Matt and RSPCA Education Officer Zoe attended. A fantastic day was had by all, especially RSPCA staff who had no fewer than 6 dog owners introduce themselves and their "RSPCA Shelter" dogs! Some fantastic rehoming stories and happy unions!
18 years old and still out and about!

"Mini Me"

Face Painting for Owners AND Dogs!

Monday 5 March 2012

A letter for change

The RSPCA NSW Education Team are constantly on a mission to educate the community with the aim of improving the level of animal welfare in society. We encourage individuals, groups and organisations to make an impact with the smallest gesture to the largest fundraising venture.

So it is no surprise that Education Officer, Eva, is as pleased as punch to learn that some passionate students from Karningul School went above and byond to try and improve the lives of some often forgotten farm animals.

What started off as a visit to the School to speak to a small group about the history, behaviour and physical adaptations of our canine and feline friends, quickly turned into a discussion about the animal welfare issues prevalent in the local community. One hot topic was that of cage chickens and the different farming systems our eggs come from. The students were shocked to learn that 'cage eggs' came from chickens who lived their lives in a wire cage without being able to exhibit any of their natural behaviour such as nesting, dust bathing or even stretching their wings.

This new found knowledge prompted two students to take time out of their day and express their outrage in a letter. They each composed written correspondence to their local MP to voice their concerns about intensively farmed layer hens, as under our current legislation, it is not illegal.

The RSPCA NSW Education Team would like to applaud their efforts and encourage any members of the community to do the same if they feel that animal welfare should be higher on the agenda of our local MPs.

It's time to have my say!