Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas came early...

For all the shelter animals at the RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter!

RSPCA NSW has already launched their annual Christmas Appeal to help with the many more animals expected to arrive at our shelters over the holiday period but it's great to know that there is a wonderful appeal out there taking care of the presents!

The 'Give a Dog a Bone' and 'Keep Kitty Happy' appeal is doing amazing things by connecting businesses and generous members of the public with animals in needs. With collection points across Sydney, the appeal asks the public to donate toys, treats and food for those animals who need that extra little love over Christmas.

Education Officers, Eva and Zoe, have collected over 3 car loads of goodies for the RSPCA NSW shelter animals from just two of these collection points - Annandale Animal Hospital and Greencross Vets in Petersham.

Thank you to all those involved in the appeal and those who gave so generously! Life will be that much better for the animals who call currently call RSPCA NSW home - let's hope it's not for too much longer though!

Pressies under the RSPCA Christmas tree!

We promise the goodies go to the animals,
not Slade our Inspector :)

Friday 21 December 2012

Thank You #4...Animal Attendants!

Responsible pet owners around the world are thinking the same thing, ‘if only I could train my dog to pick up its own poo!’ But alas, we are yet to stumble upon such a dog, although consuming said faeces definitely helps but is not encouraged.
So imagine the fun RSPCA Animal Attendants have everyday when their responsibility encompasses anything from a few rabbits and guinea pigs to a few hundred cats and dogs. When RSPCA staff attend to their animals needs, attend they do! With a routine that starts with the morning feed and cleaning for over two hours, providing environmental enrichment and mental stimulation throughout the day and making that all important match between a new family and their potential animal friend, it’s a big job but someone’s gotta do it!
So our next thank you card goes to all the Animal Attendants and staff at RSPCA Shelters who ensure that all those unwanted animals enjoy the love and care they deserve until they find their furever homes!
Shelter Manager, Adam, just goes on and on
and on...

Monday 10 December 2012

Thanks Emanuel!!!

Last week, Zoe from Education was invited to attend the secondary school assembly at Emanuel School in Randwick.
Not only did Zoe have the chance to meet some of the fantastic, dilligent and articulate students, Sharon Koren (a year 12 student at Emanuel) presented Zoe with a cheque for the RSPCA for $770!
Sharon is a big advocate of animal welfare, and is the head of the Environmental Committee at school, through whom she organised a fund raiser to help the RSPCA.
On behalf of all of the animals in our shelters, thanks Sharon and thanks Emanuel!

Sharon Koren (right) presenting the cheque to Zoe from RSPCA NSW

Thursday 6 December 2012

International cans of goodness

For the third year running, International Grammar School has spent most of 2012 collecting cans of pet food for the shelter animals at the RSPCA Sydney Shelter. Delivering them just in time for the Christmas period, the students went ‘can crazy’ with a collection of 215 cans!
Why are these cans so important? Although wet food does not make up the bulk of our shelter animals’ diets with their sustenance coming mainly in the form of dry biscuits to aid dental hygiene, that mooshy goodness does have its place. For those animals who have had dental surgery, oldies with no teeth and picky eaters, canned food is a welcome and often necessary substitute!
With an anticipated influx of unwanted animals over the Christmas break, RSPCA NSW are bracing themselves for another difficult festive season. So thank you to all the students at the International Grammar School for making our shelter animals’ lives that little bit better!
Good luck to next years students, setting themselves the challenge of beating 215 cans!
See you guys next year with hopefully even MORE cans!