Wednesday 30 November 2011

More fun? Claymore fun!

Yay! The Claymore Fun Day is back on and is happening this Saturday, 3rd of December. Head down for a day of fun activities and musical performances.

When: 10am - 2pm
Where: Davis Park, Claymore NSW

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Questions in Quakers

When the RSPCA NSW Education Team has the luxury of time during their visits, we always find ourselves fielding some very thought provoking questions and this was no different at Quakers Hill Outside of Hours Care last Wednesday.

Education Officer, Eva, was lucky enough to visit the After School Care kids this time around, having previously visited the Vacation Care kids in the July School Holidays. The topic of the day was responsible pet ownership and even the most dedicated of pet owners in the group learned something new about the different things involved in animal care.

When groups are able to allocate enough time for a presentation as well as question time, we find that participants are given a chance to discuss the various issues and reconsider some of their long held views about animal welfare, fantastic!

Thank you Olivia for inviting the RSPCA NSW Education Team to make this second visit to the Centre! With regular visits the participants are given a chance to extend their knowledge and have further access to RSPCA's wealth of knowledge.

If you know of a group who would benefit from our Education Programs, please drop us a line at 9782 4460 or email us at

Ahh, tell me more!

Monday 28 November 2011

A week of celebrations!

Despite the dreary weather last week, Mt St Thomas Preschool had a fantastic week, 'Pet Week' to be exact! For the whole of last week they celebrated all things to do with pets and what better way to round up the week's events than to invite RSPCA NSW Education to speak with the kids.

All the kids were tested at the end of the presentation to see how many of the various aspects they could recall, the result? 100%! Fantastic work Mt St Thomas Preschoolers! It definitely helps that each child was given the chance to practice an aspect of responsible pet ownership whether they proved their skills in picking up poo or kept Max clean with a thorough grooming of his coat.

Our biggest thanks as well for collecting an array of dog and cats toy for our Shelter animals and raising a donation too!

Friday 25 November 2011

It really is easy as ABC

At RSPCA we love talking to people about what we do. So much in fact that on Wednesday, Education officer Steph attended the ABC Charity Expo and spoke to staff about ways they can get involve through their workplace and help us help the animals.
One of the simplest ways people can help is through the RSPCA Workplace Giving Program. Workplace giving is the best way to donate to the RSPCA NSW if you have a job, want to help the RSPCA NSW and want to help the most efficient and easiest way there is – for you and for the RSPCA NSW.

By donating through your payroll you;

a) do NOT need to keep a receipt for tax time
b) can turn a $1.40 donation from your pay into $4 to the RSPCA NSW and
c) we have no administration costs.

If you would like to find out more about RSPCA Workplace Giving, please view our website here.  RSPCA NSW Education Team members can also visit your workplace and talk to staff about what we do and how your organisation can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit! 

Steph with plenty of information for ABC staff

All boxed up and ready to go!

Thank you to the students of Sydney International Grammar School who donated food, toys and treats to RSPCA. And to personally thank them for their efforts, Education Officer Steph visited the school and addressed the students about the work of the RSPCA and how their donation helps. 

Over 50kg worth of tinned food was collected by the students – what a massive effort! The donated items were then boxed, wheeled and loaded, ready to be transported to the RSPCA Shelter. The food and treats were greatly appreciated by shelter staff and RSPCA Inspectors who are in constant need of donated food for the many animals they respond to.  

If you, your class or school would like to collect a monetary donation or items like food and toys for the animals at our shelters, please contact us at or visit our website to view our shelter wish list.

Sydney International Grammar School students with 
the trolley of donated goods!

Thursday 24 November 2011

More fun? Claymore fun!

Attention Ladies and Gents! Due to the weather, Claymore Fun Day has been postponed to next Saturday 3rd December, 2011. That just gives us another week to get excited about the Event!

Whoever said never to work with kids and animals hasn't been to the Claymore Fun Day and you know what? Either has the RSPCA NSW Education Team!

For the first time, Education Team will be attending the Claymore Fun Day, with Community Education Manager, Matt and Education Officer, Steph, raring to go! They'll be providing some fun activities for the kids and education on all sorts of animal welfare issues to the general public.

If you think this is the formula for a great day out, why not join us this Saturday 26th November, 2011 from 10.00am!

There's no wait for Waitara!

Education Officer, Eva, cannot wait to visit Waitara Public School again next week following an interesting visit earlier this week.

Eva was already keen to visit the school on Monday as they had fundraised for RSPCA NSW and she could not wait to let the students know how the money was going to help all the animals at their whole school assembly. It was a privilege then to meet Martine and Lily who had taken it upon themselves to individually fundraise for RSPCA both for NSW and for QLD during their flood appeal.

What a turn of events when a Year 5 Teacher, Mrs Fiona Lee, proudly informed Eva that her class was currently researching global organisations and one group has chosen RSPCA and the entire class would love to hear first hand about the organisation.

The class had some amazing questions and it showed true understanding and analysis of the various animal welfare issues that we deal with on a daily basis.

And it doesn't stop there, tune in next week to see what else the class has done to delve deeper into RSPCA!

I wonder what they're up to next week...?

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Who can help RSPCA Shelter animals? Kanwal can!

Big thanks to the 1st Kanwal Joey Scout groups for providing RSPCA NSW with a collection of toys and treats for the Shelter animals to enjoy! RSPCA NSW required over $39 million just in the last financial year to run the whole organisation so any monetary or item donations are greatly appreciated.
Education Officer, Steph, went along last week to speak with the kids about how their generousity will help out all the animals who temporarily call RSPCA home. Rusty, the Education Team mascot, also went along to help the kids practice how to safely meet a dog for the first time – practice makes perfect! An intergral part of our Dog Safety Program, the knowledge will definitely benefit the kids and help keep them safe on the streets with whopping 63% of the Australian population identifying themselves as pet owners!
If you or a group you know would like to fundraise or collect goods for the RSPCA NSW, the Education Team would love to make the most of the opportunity and show our appreciation with a visit and a talk! To contact us, please call 9782 4460 or email

Tuesday 22 November 2011

North, South, East, West, where oh where were we?

In the North, North Epping to be precise!

The sun was shining, people were smiling and boy were we spruiking! All in the name of education, as Training Manager and Veterinarian, Narelle and Education Officer, Eva, secured a very lucrative spot in the North Epping Village Fair over the weekend.

People from the local community were out in force, ready to support a good cause and our RSPCA marquee had a fair share of the attention. Our purpose was two-fold - educating the public and provide them with the best RSPCA merchandise they've ever seen! With Christmas just around the corner, everyone was keen to find that perfect stocking filler and we were happy to see many people did not forget that special gift for their special pet! All proceeds from the day will go directly to help the many animals who will need RSPCA's help over the holiday season.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect present, check out our online store. Even if you're currently without a pet, why not purchase an item to donate to an RSPCA Shelter and provide an unwanted animal some much needed joy!

Information, merchandise and a lucky dip,
what more could you need?

Meet Holly the Basenji, taking cover from the
scorching weather

Monday 21 November 2011

The sweet sound of responsible pet ownership!

As great as the voices are of the RSPCA NSW Education Team when educating the public, their harmonies don't compare to that of Jessica Mauboy. And it's fantastic news to hear that Jess Mauboy, along with Nintendo® have hit the publicity trail to promote a great alternative to adopting a dog or cat - adopting a virtual dog or cat!

Nintendo® have released their game "Nintendogs + cats" and for the first time RSPCA has put their 'paw of approval' on the game. "Nintendogs + cats" lets you find the puppy or kitten that's right for you and just like owning a real one, the more you train, care and love your puppy or kitten, the happier and more rewarding they become. You get to watch your puppies and kittens learn to recognise your face and voice commands. Show affection towards them, and train them regularly and you'll be rewarded with a pet that runs up to the screen to greet you!

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn all about responsible pet ownership and everything that is involved. Not just the physical things are important like food and water, but training and showing affection is vital to your virtual and real pets' wellbeing.

Community Education Manager, Matt French, is on the trail along with Jess Mauboy to speak of the benefits of this alternative as RSPCA often sees the consequences of that last minute Christmas gift of a real animal - an animal surrendered into our Shelter after the amusement factor has worn off.

Words of wisdom from Mr French

Go Team "Responsible Pet Ownership!"

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Words spread to the West

Words about reponsible pet ownership that is!

Often people adopt an animal without any preparation or research into what is required to keep that animal happy and healthy. RSPCA NSW Education aim to bridge the gap in knowledge by presenting responsible pet care information to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Education Officer, Eva, travelled with the responsible pet ownership message to a primary school in the West on Monday, excited that this was the second visit in as many years. It's always a fantastic opportunity to visit students on an annual basis (although we wouldn't mind daily) and extend their knowledge and understanding.

The students were involved in renacting the various tasks that need to be undertaken on a daily basis to maintain our cats and dogs mental and physical wellbeing. They didn't even shy away from picking up the poo - an intergral part of being a responsilbe pet owner!

If you would like to bring this knowledge to your group, RSPCA NSW Education Team can adapt the content to suit any audience. Call us on 9782 4460 or email

I'm all ears!

Monday 14 November 2011

Christmas by Cody

Christmas came early for the animals at the Sydney Shelter over the weekend all thanks to Cody!

This passionate individual had initially enquired about volunteering with RSPCA but unfortunately did not meet our minimum age requirement of 18 years. But this did not stop him from pursuing his passion to help animals. Cody and his mother set about scouring the local neighbourhood and local businesses for donations of items for RSPCA animals. Most people are unaware that the Sydney Shelter keeps a 'wishlist' of items on the website and boy did Cody deliver on these wishes!

RSPCA NSW is a non-government funded charity so all donations, monetary or goods, are greatly appreciated, especially coming up to Christmas - a time where the number of animals we shelter go up significantly.

So many goodies for the animals!

Friday 11 November 2011

We landed on paper!

In the Camden Haven Courier to be exact.

Following our stint in Port Macquarie, the positive feedback continues to grow!

You must be brave!

It always hard when faced with an unknown dog to remember what to do and even more challenging to do absolutely...nothing. That's right, when faced with an unknown dog, you must overcome your instinct to run away or scream for help and instead remain very still and quiet. This was quite the challenge for joey scouts from the 1st Carlingford Joey Scout Group on Wednesday.

This fantastic learning experience was presented to the kids by Education Officer Eva during our dog safety talk. Eva simulated a situation with an unknown dog using our trusty Education mascot, Rusty, to see just how brave they could be. The joey scouts did amazingly well except for a few giggling 'trees' here and there.

If you or someone you know is up for the challenge, book a Dog Safety talk today!
Call us on 9782 4460 or email

Don't be fooled! Is it safe to approach an unknown dog?

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Never too young to help!

It's always amazing to come across generous individuals who request donations to RSPCA NSW in lieu of birthday gifts. But when this particular individual makes such a request for their 6th birthday, it makes the act that much more extraordinary!

Welcome to the scene Mary Alexander, just turned 6 years old from Newcastle Grammar.

She made the decision, on her own accord, to ask all her party guests to bring in donations for RSPCA NSW instead of birthday presents. After raising a whopping $260, Mary, along with her mother, Gaelene, journeyed to the RSPCA Tighes Hill Veterinary Hospital and met with Nursing Supervisor, Tracee McWhinnee to make the donation in person. Tracee was touched by act and said that "it was lovely to know that there are young children out there that care so much".

Education Officers, Steph and Eva, along with Tracee, organised with Newcastle Grammar to present a Certificate of Appreciation to Mary at the school assembly to recognise her wonderful efforts! Eva gave a brief talk to the assembly to let all the students know how the money raised will help all the animals at RSPCA NSW.

Thanks Mary for helping the many animals that need RSPCA's help and we hope your passion for animals continues to grow!

If you or someone you know is thinking about fundraising for RSPCA NSW, we would love to hear from you! Call us at 9782 4460 or email:

Mary's donation can help house a
RSPCA dog for at least 52 days!

Part of the RSPCA Team!

Monday 7 November 2011

Thanks for the memories Port Macq!

RSPCA NSW Education Officers Steph and Eva farewelled Port Macquarie on Friday, following a week long visit initiated by the local Port Macquarie Branch. The branch were awarded a grant from the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to deliver education programs in the local high schools to combat incidents of animal cruelty, so they invited the Team to spearhead the implementation.
A visit to Camden Haven High School wrapped up the week where Steph delivered a program focusing on what constitutes animal cruelty, how students can identify it and assist RSPCA by making a complaint. There is often a  misconception and unfounded fear that people who are investigated by our Inspectors are “in trouble” but often this is not the case and the focus is on educating them on the proper care of their animals.
Jackianne Wright, the president of the RSPCA Port Macquarie Branch came along and gave the students an insight to some of the fantastic initiatives implemented by the Branch in the local community. The latest project is the renovation of the Port Macquarie Shelter, with all the funds raised for the project coming from the Port Macquarie community and just another example of how fundraising in the local community benefits the animals from that community.

The school is fortunate enough to be home to various farm animals with their self-run agricultural plot, see some pics below!

We love seeing free range in action!

Steph getting up close and personal, aww!

Thursday 3 November 2011

Interested in a career...

...with animals? Well it was this exact question that brought RSPCA NSW Education Officers, Steph and Eva, back to Heritage Christian School to discuss with Year 10 students the various roles within RSPCA.

Many people are aware of roles such as Animal Attendants, Inspectors and Veterinarians but it takes a massive team to run RSPCA NSW and students went away pondering all the different avenues they can pursue to get that dream career working with animals.

Did you know...
  • We only have 32 Inspectors investigating animal cruelty complaints throughout New South Wales
  • The Sydney Shelter is the largest animal shelter in the Southern Hemisphere
  • There are four RSPCA Animal Hospitals across the State servicing the general public

"Phew", that's a lot of work for the RSPCA so we need to best of the best! If you or someone you know would be interested in working for the RSPCA, please see our website.

Reading up on the latest animal welfare campaigns can help
give you a feel for what's out there

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Chickens and pigs and Mark, oh my!

Yesterday saw 16 broilers, 6 layers, 1 sow and 4 members of the RSPCA NSW Education Team set up an array of interactive humane food displays for students at Heritage Christian School.
Need a quick vocab lesson?
Broiler = chickens that we eat for meat
Layer = hens that provide us with eggs
Sow = female pig
4 Education Team members = Mark, Steph & Eva with Marianne our Media Officer as an Honourary member.
Humane food is a major campaign for the RSPCA and one where each individual can directly impact the welfare of farm animals every time they shop at the supermarket. These issues were presented to the Food Technology and Hospitality students, with the aim of increasing their awareness of issues they will need to consider if they are to pursue careers in the food industry.

What’s the biggest issue across each of the three systems? Space.
  • Caged chickens are afforded less space than an A4 piece of paper.
  • Broilers in intensive systems may number around 20 chickens for each m².
  • Sows live in a stall which allows them to sit and move back and forth, but there is no room to turn around.
Animals in these intensive production systems are unable to exhibit their natural behaviours.
RSPCA encourages consumers to make a higher welfare choice by choosing better welfare options and allow chickens to do ‘chicken things’ and pigs to do ‘pig things’. Look for:
-          Cage free, Free range, Barn laid
-          Free range chicken
-          Bred free range, Free range pork

Peaches the Pig was the main attraction in her decomissioned
sow stall

Jess putting law into practice - an unbelievable six hens are
legally permitted inside the cage

Mark in his element - speaking on all things related to
humane food

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Not scared at Howl-aween!

Did you enjoy the Halloween festivities over the weekend, perhaps in the Castle Hill area? If you answered yes, then we're sure you attended the Howl-aween event at Castle Hill Showground and "it was a great pleasure to meet you" says Education Team members, Matt & Eva.

What an amazing day out for dogs with endless agility demonstrations, informative talks (including our very own Matt French) and ofcourse the much anticipated appearance by Wags the Dog.

Matt & Eva set up the infamous 'cage', filled with six chickens - the unfortunate conditions provided for many caged egg-laying chickens and this caught many people unawares as RSPCA is often presumed to deal primarily with cats and dogs but no, we campaign for all creatures great and small!

Those who came by our RSPCA marquee after midday were fortunate enough to meet one of our very own Inspectors, Gillian Hay as she dropped by after attending to a cruelty complaint. It didn't take long for people to realise that one of the stars of the RSPCA 'Animal Rescue' was in our presence and the autographs were flowing freely.

A definite highlight of the day was seeing an ex-RSPCA dog, Max, who was adopted from our Sydney Shelter only 10 months prior by Mahnam Moghaddam. It was great to see how well they were doing and that Max may have a new buddy soon! We'll see you at the Shelter again soon Mahnam!

Finally, a massive thank you to the third place prize winner in the "Best Dressed Family Competition" for donating their prize, a $30 voucher for pet supplies, to RSPCA NSW so that more toys and treats can be purchased for Shelter dogs. What an awesomely generous gesture!

Gill's right hand has now recovered from the numerous
autograph requests, hehe

Another happy story - Mahnam found her best
bud from RSPCA