Thursday 30 June 2011

Girl Guides Learn About Responsible Pet Ownership

Last week, Education Team member Stephanie Sok visited the Girl Guides to talk about RSPCA and caring for pets.

The Guides learnt about the responsibility and commitment involved in owning a pet and what they need to provide their pets to ensure they live happy and healthy lives. With the help of the Education Team's plush dog Max, the girls took turns putting on Max's collar and lead, giving him a toy and grooming him. Some of the girls were even lucky enough to pick up Max's fake poo!

In appreciation for the visit, the Girl Guides kindly donated to the RSPCA. Thank you very much Girl Guides!

To book an visit from one of our Education Team members, please contact RSPCA Education on 02 9782 4477 or email

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Oscar's Day Out!

Last Friday saw Community Vet Nurse, Tanya, and Education Officer, Eva, from the RSPCA NSW Education Team make the 2.5 hour journey to a school in Kurri Kurri for their annual Careers Day. Accompanying them for the day was Oscar, a 7 month old Maltese x Poodle, currently awaiting adoption at the Rutherford Shelter.
Students from the school were visited by the Team earlier in the year where issues of dog safety and responsible pet ownership were discussed, two topics of the utmost importance to the welfare of people and animals. On this particular visit, students uncovered some of the roles within the organisation from Animal Attendants to Veterinarians, Inspectors to Vet Nurses.
Oscar thoroughly enjoyed his day out and is hoping to find his family soon so that he can continue to make new friends!
See Oscar's details at

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Tanya's Training Tips

Training for perfect doggy manners starts in the home. Dogs view the world in black and white. Therefore, rules that we set up at home will apply everywhere else. With this in mind be careful what you teach your furry friend. What may be acceptable to you at home may not be the case when you and your buddy go visiting.  Allowing your dog access to places like sofas and beds without invitation may not be welcomed everywhere and may lead to heirarchy disputes.

A simple way to solve this issue is to train your dog only to lie where his/her blanket is. Make lying on the blanket very rewarding and your dog will soon be able to discriminate where it can lie (sofa, bed, floor) depending where the blanket is placed. 

For training & behavioural advice contact

Monday 27 June 2011

Cupcake Day

This year, Cupcake Day is on Monday August 15th.  If you or your class at school would like to get involved, visit the RSPCA NSW website at

Last year, the winners of Cupcake Day were a year 1/2 class in Southern Sydney. 
They raised over $3000.  What a fantastic effort!

Friday 24 June 2011

Well Done Levi!

This morning, Zoe from Education had an important visit to a school in Rose Bay.

One of the kindergarten students, Levi, recently had his 6th birthday and rather than receiving presents from his friends, he asked that they donate to the RSPCA!  What a wonderful and altruistic gesture!
Levi raised $396 to help the RSPCA continue the work they do caring for and rehoming animals.

On behalf of RSPCA NSW and all of our animals, Thank you Levi.

Well Done Levi!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Student fundraises for RSPCA NSW!

Thank you to Sharmila Kumaran of Brigidine College Randwick who raised $560.00 for RSPCA NSW. Sharmila was sponsored by family and friends to give up TV for the entire period of Lent - almost 2 whole months!

This week, Stephanie Sok from the RSPCA NSW Education Team gave a brief talk at Sharmila's school assembly about RSPCA and presented Sharmila with an Certificate of Appreciation. 

Again, thank you Sharmila! 


Tuesday 21 June 2011

Students from Rosehill learn the ups and downs of RSPCA

RSPCA NSW Education mascot 'Max' protecting goodies destined for the animals at Yagoona Shelter
A big thank you to students from a school in Rosehill for their monetary donation as well as a collection of toys and treats for the animals at the Yagoona Shelter!
The RSPCA NSW Education Team visited the students today, who ranged from Year 1 to 3, to talk about the role of RSPCA in the community. Students also thoroughly enjoyed learning about what is involved in being a responsible pet owner with hot topics of discussion including the finesse required to pick up dog poo and why it’s important to brush your dog every day.
Stay tuned to see where their donated toys and treats end up!

Thursday 16 June 2011

This week, the RSPCA Education Team delivered dog safety messages in Lidcombe NSW. The 'Prevent-a-bite' presentation teaches young children how to stay safe around dogs and reduce their chances of being bitten.