Thursday 31 May 2012

Whatever the Weather, Lets Expo Together.....

Last weekend saw members of the education team attend the annual Northern Beaches Expo in Warriewood.  There were FIVE expos under the one roof, including a fantastic pet expo, which is where Claire, Steph, Matt and Zoe spent their time.

On both days, Claire and Matt (having been RSPCA inspectors for 6 years each) delivered a talk to the audience about their role, some of the cases they have come across in the line of duty and the important work the RSPCA does.

The team also had  a display tent set up and got the chance to speak to lots of animal lovers - a great way to spend the sunny weekend!

Zoe with a Guide Dog in training
Claire with another Trainee Assistance Dog

Monday 28 May 2012

Teddy and Tim! What a day!

Last weekend at the Northern Beaches Expo, Claire and Zoe had the chance to meet lots of great people.  Among these was the expo front man, weatherman Tim Bailey, who did a weather cross with us before the Million Paws Walk earlier this month.

We also met Teddy, a beautiful pomeranian belonging to Lena Seeta (who also had a stall in the pet area of the expo). Teddy was adopted from Yagoona in September 2009 (at that time named Alex) and he was 4 1/2 years old. Lena was told that his owner really loved him but was moving and couldn't take him. Teddy was at the shelter for a month before Lena found him and adopted him. Lena says "Teddy is the perfect dog, gentle, quiet, housetrained and the inspiration behind the Dog Pack"

What's Dog Pack you may ask?  Check out the link at for Lena's original hands free dog walking kit!
Tim Bailey, Zoe from Education and Lena with Teddy

Teddy chilling out

Applause for the million paws!

"Clap, clap, clap!"

Thanks to the many human and canine participants of the annual RSPCA Million Paws walk last Sunday who braved the morning chill to enjoy a great day out, fundraising and supporting a great cause!

It has been proclaimed that 2012 was our BIGGEST walk ever so it was no surprise that the RSPCA NSW Education felt that two stalls were called for. Thanks to those who dropped by to see either Community Education Manager, Matt French, "picking up chicks" at the Humane Food Stall, or Education Officer, Zoe Dawson, cuddling up to RSPCA canines awaiting adoption and sharing responsible pet ownership information.

If you had an awesome time or bumped into one of the Education Team members, we'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment :)

Matt with his "chick"

Zoe with an adoption dog - Kimba

Thursday 24 May 2012

The surmounting begins...

Don't think it was a one-off Vaccination Drive in Cranebrook, because watch out Mount Druitt, we're coming!

Well, actually, we've been and gone but shall be back next week!

Earlier this week saw the RSPCA NSW Education Team run an Info and Registration Day for residents with the postcode 2770. Benefiting pensioners and low income earners and their canine companions, the Drive will hopefully have a direct impact of the parvovirus cases that seem to be hitting hard in the local community.

The Vaccination Day will be held on Tuesday 29th May, 2012 at two local Vet Clinics. If you are yet to register and are eligible, please contact Community Education Manager, Claire Kendall on 9782 4460 or

RSPCA Education Van - Out and About

Last weekend saw the official launch of the new RSPCA Education Van.
The design has been in the pipeline for many months - we received over 200 amazing photos from people with their pets.  We couldn't decide on only ONE winner, so we used ALL of the photos in a mosaic for some animal shapes around the van.
It looks fantastic, and if your school would like a visit, please let us know.
Don't forget to wave if you see us around town.......

Monday 21 May 2012

Over 100 protected!

The power of Education is strong as it sweeps over Western Sydney, helping owners and their dogs become protected against disease!

Tuesday 8th May, 2012 saw RSPCA NSW's Free Vaccination Drive come to fruition in Cranebrook with over 100 dogs vaccinated for free for local pensioners and low income earners.

Community Education Manager, Claire Kendall, would like to thank the following who made it all possible...
  • Virbac
  • Provet
  • Penrith Veterinary Hospital
  • Coreen Avenue Veterinary Clinic
  • Dr Mark Kelman
  • Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre
  • Penrith City Council
  • Housing NSW

Watch this space for our next instalment, "Mount Druitt surmounts parvovirus!"

Wednesday 16 May 2012

It's National Families Week!

Did you know that this week, May 15-21, is National Families Week? The Educaiton Team at RSPCA NSW Education were invited to RM Campbell Reserve in Bankstown today for a fun filled family day for local families and playgroups.

Steph and Zoe attended and had a great morning talking to parents, teaching children basic dog safety skills, and even doing some fun colouring in!

Steph at the RSPCA Marquee - A lovely day to be out in the sun!

Zoe colouring in with Max (the dog) and a new friend

Tuesday 15 May 2012

From the City to...

Olympic Park!

Geography is no challenge for the RSPCA NSW Education Team as they assist with the promotion of RSPCA's Million Paws Walk - a major fundraising event that helps raise the almost $40 million needed each year to keep RSPCA NSW running.

The Channel 10 News weather cross was taken over by cute and cuddly canines, all looking for a home and helping to spread the word about the Event.

Monday 14 May 2012

Driving down parvo

Recent reports indicate that there has been a high incidence of parvovirus in dogs in some areas of Western Sydney so RSPCA NSW Education are thankful that they can step in and help those most in need.

Thanks to Virbac and Provet for donating vaccines to the Team, Community Education Manager, Claire and Community Vet Nurse, Tanya, are able to run a free vaccination drive for low income earners and pensioners of Cranebrook and Mount Druitt.

Last week saw the ball rolling with the first Info and Registration Day held in Cranebrook with over 100 dogs registered to receive their free vaccination. Stay tuned for updates on the drive as the first vaccination day is coming up this week!

Thank you to everyone who came along!

Friday 11 May 2012

Going for a million!

With the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk coming up in two weeks, the Education Team hit the streets to get the word out and registrations up (why not aim for a million?).

Okay, so not the streets exactly, more like the concourse and lucky for that because at 6.00am, any shelter from the cold was welcome! So to set the scene - think Town Hall Station, peak hour passenger traffic, a few thousand postcards and the Education Team out in force! Strategically positioned was Education Manager, Mark, Community Education Manager, Matt and Education Officers, Eva, Steph and Zoe. Our aim? No one was getting past us without an awareness of RSPCA's upcoming major fundraising event.

So perhaps, several might have slipped by, but obviously they had already registered and were just a little late for work. Thanks to those who did grab some info and we hope to see you and your canine buddy on Sunday 20 May, 2012!

On the right, Zoe and her morning smile!

And on the left, Eva and her fan of postcards!

Thursday 10 May 2012

Education Goes to the Fair

Last week, Mark and Steph from the Education team packed the Volkswagon Crafter and travelled 1, 132km to attend the biennial Broken Hill Agfair. The event was held over two days and provided an opportunity for the RSPCA Broken Hill branch to raise funds and attract membership. Throughout the event, the education team engaged with participants and discussed animal welfare issues, humane foods and current RSPCA Campaigns.  

Many thanks to the RSPCA Broken Hill branch, shelter and veterinary clinic for their support and inviting the Education team to attend. The team look forward to visiting again in 2014!

Steph with the humane food display

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Sugar & slice and all things nice!

Slices and cakes, washed down with a side of lemonade then accompanied by homemade doggy treats, sound good? It sure does to animals across the State!

Every one of the 44,187 animals that needed help from RSPCA NSW last year are thanking Oliver Bylart and his friends, Bradley and Micah. Their recent fundraising efforts saw them selling edible delights at a local dog walking beach in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens.

As a non-government funded charity, RSPCA NSW relies heavily on the support of the community to raise the $37 million required to run the organisation every year. So for three friends to take time out of their busy social lives to make, bake and take their goods to the local community and get everyone donating to help unwanted, neglected and abused animals, is an amazing feat!

Every dollar counts so RSPCA NSW Education thanks Oliver, Bradley and Micah for their initiative and passion for animal welfare! We hear the next fundraising event is just around the corner...we can't wait!

Mmm...if you have any leftover doggie treats, send them our way!

Tuesday 8 May 2012

How do I care for a woof, meow or cluck?

Such important questions are often asked of the RSPCA NSW Education Team and the answer is not so simple. So when Lindfield East Public School invited the Team to speak with the Year 2 students, Education Officer, Eva, was prepared for a myriad of questions, queries and qualms.

The Responsible Pet Ownership Program equips participants with an in-depth knowledge of 9 facets of what it means to care for a pet. It focuses primarily on the care of our canine and feline friends but Lindfield East Public may find the content more relevant for their future prospects as guinea pig carers! How wonderful for an animal to have several hundred guardians and this is nothing new for the resident chooks (pictured below).

Hopefully we'll see you guys knocking at RSPCA's doors soon to adopt one of our pocket pets!

Brave lil chook came on over to say hello.

So proud of their homes, they couldn't wait to show us around!

Monday 7 May 2012

Fun at sundown

With daylight savings behind us, RSPCA NSW Education is squeezing in as many education visits as possible during the daylight hours (our eyesight just isn't as good as our animal counterparts) but last Friday saw Education Officers, Zoe and Eva, push their night time vision to the limit.

A primary school in Marrickville took advantage of the wonderfully clear night and held their first outdoor movie night - with a dog movie, dog food, dog face painting and dog advice from RSPCA NSW. Before the sun set, Zoe and Eva had some good conversations with some canines that vaguely resembled students from the school and made sure the students/canines took away some RSPCA merchandise to remember their night.

With dog agility and a local vet on hand to chat to the kids, it was great to also focus on rehoming animals with Greyhound Rescue also in attendance. Zoe and Eva were given a chance to gush over two wonderful greyhounds who had previously called RSPCA home and then rehomed through the Rescue organisation.

It's all smiles before the sun goes down...

Friday 4 May 2012

Safety in numbers

The numbers are in our favour as of yesterday morning when Education Officer, Eva, helped 25 preschoolers become Dog Safety experts.

RSPCA NSW Education's Dog Safety Program can be tailored to any age group from 3 years to 100 years! (We'd love to meet a Centenarian!). Lst Tuesday, the program was adapted for children aged 3-5 years and boy did they get it! The key messages involved in the program help all participants leave with a sense of how to better interact with our canine companions which ensures that all future experiences are positive for both the person and their canine friend.

With an extra 25 talkative children roaming the mean streets of Peakhurst, sharing their knowledge of a dogs' body language and steps to meeting a dog for the first time, it is just a matter of time before children, adults and canines can live in harmony...where canine body language is no longer mystery and the humble first meeting on the street is pleasant for both people and canines!

Yes I'm feeling happy, pat me!

Thursday 3 May 2012

What a life!

Max, the RSPCA NSW Education Team mascot, has had his fair share good and bad days. Sure, one time a kid called him a lion but Max isn't one to turn his nose up at a compliment of the feline kind.

Yesterday was definitely a good day for Maximus (affectionately lengthed by Education Officer, Eva) and he found himself living it up in on the warm sands of Coogee Beach. After a morning stroll where he made sure to obey the signs (see picture below), Max and his Education Officer sidekick, Eva, went along to a nearby Kindergarten. They had requested that the children be informed on safety around dogs and with an abundance of canine companions on the beach, often off-lead, it was a perfect idea!

Thanks to all the parents who turned up to the talk! It takes repetition and reiteration from the children's role models for all the new information to stick!

"Stay Max, stay...!"

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Cruelty stopped...momentarily.

To each and every participant of the 'Stop Cruelty' sessions held over the April School Holidays, remember that you have been equipped with top secret and classified animal law enforcement information. Use it wisely.

Children and youths aged from 8 to 17 years signed up for the RSPCA Inspector and animal cruelty sessions over the most recent school holiday and were privvy to the workings of RSPCA NSW in their fight against animal cruelty.

Inspector French and Inspector Kendall briefed the participants on their role and powers and tested their resolve in realistic scenarios. Don't be fooled by the extreme views and acts the scenarios presented - sadly, they are not far from what the Inspectors deal with on a daily basis!

Should you witness animal cruelty in any form, report it immediately to RSPCA NSW on 1300 CRUELTY or 9770 7555.

Zoe was in character and it was up to Maddy and Elissa
to crack down on her animal cruelty ways!

Tuesday 1 May 2012

We found the Cottage overrun with pets!

So it was time to send in the experts...the responsible pet ownership experts!

Education Officer, Eva, went along to Attunga Cottage last week to guide the children in their mission to become responsible pet owners.

The basics were covered, dog food for dogs, fresh water to be changed everyday but it quickly went beyond this and Eva challenged the children's understanding of what would keep their pets mentally stimulated. Various ideas were thrown around but the general consensus was increase the walks, time spent with the pet, provide a buffet of toys and you can minimise periods of boredom and frustration for your pet!

Thanks Attunga for inviting RSPCA NSW Education to be part of your pet-themed week, we hope you guys have the place under control now :)

Attunga Cottage Pet Corner, now open for business!