Friday 4 May 2012

Safety in numbers

The numbers are in our favour as of yesterday morning when Education Officer, Eva, helped 25 preschoolers become Dog Safety experts.

RSPCA NSW Education's Dog Safety Program can be tailored to any age group from 3 years to 100 years! (We'd love to meet a Centenarian!). Lst Tuesday, the program was adapted for children aged 3-5 years and boy did they get it! The key messages involved in the program help all participants leave with a sense of how to better interact with our canine companions which ensures that all future experiences are positive for both the person and their canine friend.

With an extra 25 talkative children roaming the mean streets of Peakhurst, sharing their knowledge of a dogs' body language and steps to meeting a dog for the first time, it is just a matter of time before children, adults and canines can live in harmony...where canine body language is no longer mystery and the humble first meeting on the street is pleasant for both people and canines!

Yes I'm feeling happy, pat me!

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