Friday 29 July 2011

Puppy Play Time

Do you know that dogs play and interact differently depending on age and breed?

Puppies younger than 4 months play much differently to juveniles (4-12 months), adult dogs like to play as well but they are generally more likely to want to romp around rather than bounce or mouth each other.

Some breeds like rough play where as some other breeds prefer just to say hello.

It is very important for puppies to learn how to interact with different dogs, and how to play nicely so no one gets hurt!
This is called socialisation, you can socialise your puppy by attending Puppy Pre-School at RSPCA Yagoona.


For more information on Puppy Pre-School call (02) 9770 7555 

Thursday 28 July 2011

RSPCA Van Photo Competition

Entries for our RSPCA Education Van Photo Competition 2011 are arriving every day!

All you need to do is email us a photo of you and your pet, and you will have the chance to appear on the new RSPCA Education Van.  Here are some entries we have received so far....

Tamieka and Freckles

Billy and Lucy


Sofia and Sienna

For further information, see earlier posts on our Blog or check out the RSPCA NSW website:
For full terms and conditions go to: 

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Why should I microchip my pet?

Have you ever wondered why people should microchip their pets? Well, a microchip is like a license plate on a car, if people can see the license plate, they can tell where that car comes from and who it belongs to.

So, if your pet ever goes walking around without you or decides to take a holiday without you knowing then a microchip is a perfect way to know where your pet is.

There are two parts to microchipping though and they are both really important!

1: take your pet to the vet and have them microchipped - this one is easy to understand BUT - getting the microchip put into your pet does not mean you can find out where they are if they get lost. To do this, we need number 2.

2: your local council will send you information about registering your pet and the microchip. Once you register your pet, their details and the microchip number will be saved on a huge database and then, if your pet gets lost, you have a much better chance to find it!

Many people do stage 1, they go and get the microchip and think its perfect, they don't need to do anything else but we all know that stage 2 is equally as important as step 1. So, if you have any cats or dogs and they are not microchipped AND not registered then you can talk to your parents and make sure they do both stages.

This way, you have a better chance of finding your pet no matter where they go!

Thursday 21 July 2011

Rain rain rain...

Its rained so much recently it is hard to believe there is any water left in the sky!
Even when it rains, your best mate still needs their daily exercise in order to burn off some of energy stored up from being inside relaxing.

Walking your dog every day is one great way to make sure your relationship with your animal is as good as it could be. Dogs are very active and running around your back yard is good but nothing beats a good walk with its favourite person; you!

So, even with all this rain, get our your umbrella and a rain coat for your mate and make the best of the puddles. Just make sure you don't go home covered in dirt or your parents might not be as happy as your dog!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Balloons = Smiles

Yesterday it was concluded that balloons DO equal smiles, according to Education Team members Claire, Matt and Tanya and the kids they encountered. Setting up an information stall in Rosemeadow Marketplace saw the Community Education Managers and Community Vet Nurse give away more than just balloons, but all important advice to pet owners in the local community. Many people are often overwhelmed by the commitment required when adopting an animal for the first time so providing an opportunity to have their queries answered was the aim of the day.
One enquiry fielded during the day involved a father concerned over the interactions of his young son with strange dogs in the park. Matt provided him with information of how the son’s Childcare Centre could get in contact with the Education Team to organise for the kids to participate in our Dog Safety Program, messages which will prove vital in keeping the young boy safe.

Support our Campaign here.

“I’m thinking of getting a puppy...” was frequently also posed to the Team during the day and they were quick to hand out the RSPCA’s ‘Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide’, outlining how people can avoid supporting Puppy Factories.
It’s important for people to be aware of where their new puppy comes from so RSPCA recommends that people adopt their animal from the many awaiting adoption at Shelters or if a breeder is preferred that you are able to ask the breeder three questions:
1. Can I see the mother of puppy?
2. Can I see the father of the puppy?
3. Can I see where the puppy was born?
The answers to these questions will ensure that you have peace of mind and know that you are not supporting puppy factories.

Monday 18 July 2011

Help us decorate our new Education Van!

To enter, send us a photo of you and your pet to
Please note, images must be between 1 and 2 megabytes
Only one entry is permitted per pet and entry is only open to residents of NSW, Australia.
Also, please include your name, your pets name and no more than 25 words about your pet (if you choose to). 
Don't forget to include your contact details, and if you would like a future visit from RSPCA NSW Education to your school / club / community group. (Visit subject to location and availability of the RSPCA NSW Education team)

By submitting a photograph you are acknowledging that the photograph was taken by yourself, and is not from copyrighted sources. While the photographer retains the copyright of any images submitted as a competition entry, RSPCA NSW reserves the rights to use photograph entries in any future publicity by RSPCA NSW. This includes use on the RSPCA NSW website, annual publications and other promotional activities.

By entering the RSPCA Education Van Photo Competition you agree to abide by our terms and conditions. For full terms and conditions please visit our website -

Competition closes 5pm AEST, 31st August 2011

Friday 15 July 2011

School holidays come to an end...

Zoe and Karl raring to visit the kids!
To round up another fun-filled two weeks of Education visits, Zoe, Eva and Karl visited a lively Vacation Care group in Seven Hills today. Who is Karl you may ask? Why another wonderful dog awaiting adoption at our Yagoona Shelter of course!

Karl's definitely enjoying all the attention!

The kids were enthralled by the dog safety messages and had the chance to put theory into practice: approaching Karl using the safest method of approach when meetings dogs for the first time. At only 6 years young,  Karl was happy to meet the kids one by one, winning over some nervous participants with his friendly yet relaxed demeanour.

Often these older and more mature adult dogs are overlooked by potential new owners at the Shelter, where visitors head straight for the puppies. When choosing the right dog for a visit, the RSPCA Education Team are in favour of these more ‘senior’ dogs. Thanks to their years of experience, socialisation and desensitisation in different environments, they are worlds apart from young pups who can be unpredictable and still require a lot of training.
Come visit Karl at our Yagoona Shelter.


Thursday 14 July 2011

Have you seen our Education Team?

The past few months has seen the Education Team deliver important animal welfare messages to schools and the community across NSW.

In February, Eva, Zoe and Steph attended the annual Inverell show to assist the local RSPCA Inverell Branch. The show provided an opportunity for the Education Team to showcase the Education Van and deliver presentations on dog safety and responsible pet ownership. The Education Van was such a hit, it even got to feature in the Grand Parade and picked up a friend along the way!

Following Inverell, a call from Moree saw Zoe and Steph make the 8 hour journey to assist the RSPCA Moree Branch at their annual Show. Travelling in the Education Van, the Team engaged with the community and delivered talks to students in Moree, Mallawa and Bullara.

But the call for education did not stop there. In May, a request for the RSPCA Education Program also saw the team visit Armidale and Batemans Bay. And in June, despite the freezing cold temperature, the Education Team embarked on a trip to Orange and Eugowra.

In addition to the Education Programs available for schools and community groups, the Education Team is also involved in a number of community events, stalls and shows. If you are interested in having the Team involved in your community, please contact RSPCA Education on 02 9782 4477.

With such popularity, where will the Education Team go next?

Wednesday 13 July 2011

RSPCA NSW in Rural and Remote Aboriginal Communities

In May this year RSPCA NSW conducted an animal health program in Wilcannia, far western NSW.
In 3 days we desexed and health checked 160 companion animals for this community that has no regular access to veterinary care.
As part of the program Narelle and Tanya from the education team visited both local schools to talk to the children about safety around animals, being responsible for their pets and the link between health and hygiene of themselves and their pets.

Proactive community engagement consisted of visits to the vet clinic and the on-site community education display. This included animal-human health displays (such as jars of worms and ticks), guessing and colouring-in competitions for children that told the story of the RSPCA’s work in Wilcannia and  flip books, on topics such as zoonoses, desexing and health care.
Our portable veterinary clinic

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Tanya's Training Tips

Exercising your dog is quintessential to a happy and well behaved pooch!
Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a loose lead will ensure a pleasant experience for both you and your dog. Here are two simple ways to achieve this
1.       Reward your dog for walking nicely next to you without pulling by providing treats and praise. If your dog pulls out in front stop call him/her back to your side and then continue on with the walk.  This will teach your dog that in order to continue walking I need to be at my owner’s side.
2.        Invest in a anti-pulling harness or a head halter, this is by far the quickest way to achieve a loose-lead walk.  Contact your Vet or trainer to have one fitted.
Exercising your dog is not only great for weight control but is an effective mood enhancer and boredom buster. Finding a local off-leash area will also give your dog invaluable exercise and mental stimulation (please ensure your dog has a reliable recall and is well socialised before letting them loose in a public area).
                                             Visit your local council website to find local off-leash parks.

Friday 8 July 2011

Community Engagement

In 2011, the RSPCA NSW Education Team expanded to include 2 Community Education Officers, Matt and Claire.  Their role is to liaise and work with local councils and community groups to further education and partnerships in relation to animal welfare.

Some specific things our Community Education Officers do are: 

-     Presentations/workshops/discussions on a variety of topics specific to community needs and interests
-          Advice and assistance to communities working to improve the welfare of animals within the community, with a focus on outreach and marginalised communities
-          Fostering relations with communities through positive interaction with RSPCA staff and animals
If you would like to contact our Community Education Officers, call 02 9782 4460

Thursday 7 July 2011

Another unbelievable statistic...

1, 192 dog attack incidents reported to local councils in NSW from January, 2011 to March, 2011
15, 083 cruelty complaints investigated by RSPCA Inspectors in NSW for the 2009/2010 financial year
With those sorts of numbers, it’s no wonder that dog safety and responsible pet ownership are still popular topics for discussion for the RSPCA NSW Education Team in their fight to prevent animal cruelty. But another alarmingly number not as widely publicised is 12, 775, 565 – the number of layer hens still living in cages, producing eggs for our consumption. This issue was brought up today during a Vacation Care visit in Quakers Hill where kids were shown how much space a layer hen is afforded in a battery cage – that’s right, less than an A4 sheet of paper. If given a choice, the kids were adamant that the hens wouldn’t choose to live their lives confined to a cage.
RSPCA is campaigning to get hens out of cages by encouraging consumers to choose eggs produced from either free range or barn laid systems and promoting those products that display our RSPCA ‘Paw of Approval’.
For more information on our Approved Farming Scheme, click here.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Shelter Dogs get a treat & learn how to sit!

Yesterday the Education Team was delighted to host a visit by a group of kids from Youth off the Streets. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the visit which started with a tour of the Sydney RSPCA shelter and veterinary hospital. This was followed by a presentation on RSPCA and interaction time with some of the shelter dogs available for adoption, Tim, Ellie, Hunter, Pumpkin and Slick!

A lesson on how to meet a dog and where to pat it safely for the first time was given to the kids. This was followed by some fun playtime with some of the RSPCA shelter dogs. With a bag full of doggy treats, the kids learnt how to teach a dog to sit using the treats and positive reinforcement.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Youth off the Streets for bringing the kids to our shelter. We hope you had fun! See you next time.

Here are just three of the dogs that took part in the visit yesterday. Would you like to adopt one of these dogs? Please visit

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Squeaky fun!

Providing a range of toys for your pet is important for their wellbeing!
Remember that generous donation of toys and treats from a school in Rosehill? One of those lucky toys has ended up in the capable jaws of Slick – a one and a half year old Mastiff cross Australian Cattledog.
Currently calling Yagoona Shelter his home, Slick and his many Shelter mates spend most of their day inside their enclosures, waiting for the right family to adopt them. In the mean time, they require mental stimulation and with the generous donations of toys we can keep boredom at bay!
Today also saw Slick enjoy the company of quite a few different people - see our post tomorrow for all the juicy details!
If you think Slick might be the dog for you, hop onto for his details!

Monday 4 July 2011

Fun filled OOSH with RSPCA Education Team!

Now that school holidays have officially begun, the Education Team is busy preparing for the many OOSH and vacation care visits taking place in the next two weeks.

RSPCA visits to OOSH and vacation care involves a presentation and activity on Dog Safety and Repsonsible Pet ownership, and when possible accompanying our visits is one of our adoption dogs from the RSPCA shelter!

If you are part of an OOSH or Vacation Care Centre and would like an visit from one of our Education Team members, please contact us at and let us tailor a presentation for you.

Friday 1 July 2011

Look out! The Education Van is about!

Did you know that the RSPCA Education Team is often accompanied by dogs from an RSPCA Shelter? This is all thanks to support from Hyundai who generously donated an iLoad van which is fully equipped to transport animals.
Creatively decorated by Boorowa Central School whose artworks were the winning entries of the drawing competition last year, the Van has travelled to many places across New South Wales. During its first regional trip, the Education Van did not shy away from the exposure, finding itself in the parade at the Inverell Show.
Should you wish to make a booking with the Education Team and be graced with the Van’s presence, just drop us a line at
If you see the Van on the road, remember to give it a wave as it passes by!