Wednesday 13 July 2011

RSPCA NSW in Rural and Remote Aboriginal Communities

In May this year RSPCA NSW conducted an animal health program in Wilcannia, far western NSW.
In 3 days we desexed and health checked 160 companion animals for this community that has no regular access to veterinary care.
As part of the program Narelle and Tanya from the education team visited both local schools to talk to the children about safety around animals, being responsible for their pets and the link between health and hygiene of themselves and their pets.

Proactive community engagement consisted of visits to the vet clinic and the on-site community education display. This included animal-human health displays (such as jars of worms and ticks), guessing and colouring-in competitions for children that told the story of the RSPCA’s work in Wilcannia and  flip books, on topics such as zoonoses, desexing and health care.
Our portable veterinary clinic

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