Monday 29 August 2011

Tanya's Training Tips

Socialisation is the key ingredient to a long and happy relationship between you and your furry friend.
Socialisation is best received by a dog when they are between 8-14 weeks, at this age they have little fear of new places, people and animals, making learning very easy. This is another reason why Puppy Pre-School is so important in the first few months of life.  Puppy Pre-School is set in a safe, disease-free environment by a trained instructor.
A dog lacking in socialisation may become wary or frightened of different environments, animals and people alike. It is our job as owners to teach them that there is no need to be frightened or wary. Dogs should be rewarded by either food or praise when meeting someone or something new.  In this way the dog begins to learn that what was causing his/her fear is now something that brings food and joy.
It is important however never to force a dog to meet something they are frightened of. It must be on their terms, otherwise it may lead to an increase in anxiety, hence compouding that fear.

Puppy Pre-School classes are held at RSPCA Yagoona & Rouse Hill Care Centre. Please call 9770-7555 for more information.  

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Eat a cupcake or pat a dog...? What to do?!

What a conundrum for children at KU Conjola Place in Hammondville last week! They were supporting RSPCA NSW by participating in Cupcake Day festivities and were visited by Education Officer Eva and Education mascot ‘Max’.
Solution? Enjoy a sweet treat before sitting back to learn all about dog safety and waiting for the all important interaction with Max.
Holding a fundraiser for RSPCA NSW is a great way to support the vital work we do in the community and booking an Education visit to coincide with the event will enrich the experience and allow participants to understand how their contribution has a positive impact!
If you would organise for such an experience to take place, please contact the RSPCA NSW Education Team on 9782 4460 or
(From left to right) Oliver, Michelle and Andrew when
they knew the camera was on them...

...and when they thought the camera was off.
Happy Cupcake Day kids!

Monday 22 August 2011

RSPCA NSW Photo Competition

So far we have received over 100 entries in the Photo Competition to help decorate our RSPCA NSW's new Education Van.
Entries close in 2weeks, so get your pictures in!
All you need to do is take a photo of you and your pet, and email it to
The photo needs to be between 1 and 2 MB.  For full terms and conditions to go:

Here are some of the great entries we have received already......




Friday 19 August 2011

Sun, Surf and Dog Safety in Sawtell

Last week, Zoe and Steph from the Education Team delivered Dog Safety presentations in Sawtell. The students learnt about RSPCA and how to safely and correctly meet a dog for the very first time. Do you know how to safely meet a dog for the very first time?

To find out how to meet a dog safely, why not invite our Education Team to your centre or school? The Education Team can be contacted on 02 9782 4477 or email us your request

See you soon!

Education Officer Zoe teaching students about when not to approach a dog.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

New Cupcake Cooks in Newtown

One of the many Cupcake Day Fundraisers held around New South Wales were attended by Community Vet Nurse and Education Officer, Tanya and Eva and it was an all day extravaganza!
Last Friday, students from Athena School were engaged in discussions about responsible pet ownership during the day with interesting issues brought up including how chocolate does significant damage to a dog or cats’ liver if eaten and how crocodiles pick up dog poo! Yes, there was a crocodile in the classroom, as well as a turtle, two rabbits, a frill-necked lizard and a menagerie of other creatures great and small. You guessed right if you said that the students from Athena School also dressed up as their favourite animals and collected gold coins to further support RSPCA NSW!
The afternoon saw a flurry of excitement as cupcakes baked by students from the school were sold to all those who were craving a sugar rush. Above and below are pictures of some the amazing creations and people involved in the day!
Thanks to classroom teacher, Cassie, for organising
the event!


Sarah, one of the parents, helping out at the
schools' Tuckshop
One of the creations which won 'Most Creative Cupcake'


Tuesday 9 August 2011

Humane Food at the Organic Expo

On the Sunday just gone Matt went along to the Organics Expo at Darling Harbour. There was a whole lot of great food, clothing, eco products and speakers from different backgrounds. There were presentations on cooking, eco sustainability, food intolerances and organic farming/gardening practices. We were invited to do a talk on humane farming and by the response of the crowd it was very well received. Matt was able to encourage people to think not just about the organic content of the food they eat but also about the ethical choices we all make when purchasing and consuming food. It can be a challenging thing for people to be confronted with the realities of the intensive industry and it was a great opportunity for Matt to highlight the steps the RSPCA is taking through campaigns such as 'Choose Wisely' and by simply providing people with good information so they can decide for themselves.

Monday 8 August 2011

Sand + Water + Dogs = Dogs Day Out!

Yesterday saw many lucky dogs enjoying the weekend at Manly Dogs Day Out, a community event bringing together dog lovers and their pets to revel in the festivities and learn about all the great things that come with responsible pet ownership!
Education Officers, Stef and Zoe, manned the RSPCA Marquee for the day, fielding many different questions about our work at the RSPCA.
If you should pass our way at another community event, remember to drop in and ask a question – it is always great to speak with others who are as passionate about animal welfare as we are!

Where will we be next...?

Thursday 4 August 2011

School Expo at Sydney Olympic Park - September 2nd & 3rd

In September, the RSPCA Education team have been invited to attend the School Expo at Sydney Olympic Park. This annual event will give the Education team an ideal opportunity to talk to teachers, students and parents about the kind of programs we offer to schools and the community.

We will have our very own table and at least two staff there each day to meet you and talk about how we can help.

Come along and have a chat to us about what we do and how we can assist you about animals. We look forward to seeing everyone!

If you want more information, have a look at the website, or click on the picture attached to this blog!


Wednesday 3 August 2011

Blue Skies in Greystanes...

...Greeted Education Officers, Stef and Eva, as they made their way to a primary school in the area today. With an opportunity to talk to each class individually – “the ideal group size” according to Eva, the kids were engrossed in all topics of dog safety and the all important messages about being a responsible pet owner.
When discussing the issue of waste from our cats and dogs (yes they do poo, it’s our job to clean it up!), we got onto the issue of kitty litter trays. Basically a toilet for cats, they hop into the tray, do their business, so urinate or defecate, and then expertly bury it in the kitty litter. Our job, as responsible pet owners, it to use a kitty litter scoop and clean out the ‘cat toilet’.
Now how on earth do you scoop up pee you may ask?! Well this was a question posed by a very intuitive Year 1 student and the answer? When cats urinate on the kitty litter, it actually gets absorbed by the litter and the kitty litter then turns into a solid clump which can easily be scooped up! Interesting huh?!

Monday 1 August 2011

'Peaches the Pig' joins the Education team

The RSPCA Education team recently welcomed the arrival of a new team member: 'Peaches the Pig'. 'Peaches' is a life-sized fibreglass pig who will accompany the Education team to presentations and events, helping to promote awareness about the treatment of real pigs farmed for consumption (food) in Australia.

Some pig farms in Australia allow their pigs to go outdoors and roam but others only allow their pigs to live indoors, and often these pigs don't have much room to move around at all. A female pig is called a sow and sows that are pregnant may be kept in sow stalls or farrowing crates for most of their adult lives. A sow stall is a metal-barred crate. The floor of a sow stall is usually concrete, with a trench for manure (poo) at the end. A standard sow stall is just 2 metres long and 60cm wide, which provides just enough space for a sow to stand up in but not enough to allow her to turn around or take more than a short step forward or back. A farrowing crate is very similar to a sow stall but it is slightly narrower. Sows are moved into farrowing crates just before they have their piglets and are kept there for 3-4 weeks until their piglets are weaned (stop drinking their mother's milk).

Pig farmers argue that sow stalls and farrowing crates help to avoid aggression between sows, allow sows to be individually monitored, and protect sows and piglets. But pigs are intelligent, social animals that spend many hours every day exploring their environments and foraging. Pigs that are kept in sow stalls and farrowing crates have no opportunity to explore, or to interact socially with other pigs. They can become bored, stressed and frustrated. Because they are unable to exercise, their muscles and bones become weak and they may find it hard to do normal things like stand up or lie down.

The RSPCA (and 'Peaches') would like to see all pigs housed in a way that allows them to move freely, interact socially, and express their normal behaviours.