Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Blue Skies in Greystanes...

...Greeted Education Officers, Stef and Eva, as they made their way to a primary school in the area today. With an opportunity to talk to each class individually – “the ideal group size” according to Eva, the kids were engrossed in all topics of dog safety and the all important messages about being a responsible pet owner.
When discussing the issue of waste from our cats and dogs (yes they do poo, it’s our job to clean it up!), we got onto the issue of kitty litter trays. Basically a toilet for cats, they hop into the tray, do their business, so urinate or defecate, and then expertly bury it in the kitty litter. Our job, as responsible pet owners, it to use a kitty litter scoop and clean out the ‘cat toilet’.
Now how on earth do you scoop up pee you may ask?! Well this was a question posed by a very intuitive Year 1 student and the answer? When cats urinate on the kitty litter, it actually gets absorbed by the litter and the kitty litter then turns into a solid clump which can easily be scooped up! Interesting huh?!

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