Wednesday 24 August 2011

Eat a cupcake or pat a dog...? What to do?!

What a conundrum for children at KU Conjola Place in Hammondville last week! They were supporting RSPCA NSW by participating in Cupcake Day festivities and were visited by Education Officer Eva and Education mascot ‘Max’.
Solution? Enjoy a sweet treat before sitting back to learn all about dog safety and waiting for the all important interaction with Max.
Holding a fundraiser for RSPCA NSW is a great way to support the vital work we do in the community and booking an Education visit to coincide with the event will enrich the experience and allow participants to understand how their contribution has a positive impact!
If you would organise for such an experience to take place, please contact the RSPCA NSW Education Team on 9782 4460 or
(From left to right) Oliver, Michelle and Andrew when
they knew the camera was on them...

...and when they thought the camera was off.
Happy Cupcake Day kids!

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