Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Humane Food at the Organic Expo

On the Sunday just gone Matt went along to the Organics Expo at Darling Harbour. There was a whole lot of great food, clothing, eco products and speakers from different backgrounds. There were presentations on cooking, eco sustainability, food intolerances and organic farming/gardening practices. We were invited to do a talk on humane farming and by the response of the crowd it was very well received. Matt was able to encourage people to think not just about the organic content of the food they eat but also about the ethical choices we all make when purchasing and consuming food. It can be a challenging thing for people to be confronted with the realities of the intensive industry and it was a great opportunity for Matt to highlight the steps the RSPCA is taking through campaigns such as 'Choose Wisely' and by simply providing people with good information so they can decide for themselves.

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