Monday 29 August 2011

Tanya's Training Tips

Socialisation is the key ingredient to a long and happy relationship between you and your furry friend.
Socialisation is best received by a dog when they are between 8-14 weeks, at this age they have little fear of new places, people and animals, making learning very easy. This is another reason why Puppy Pre-School is so important in the first few months of life.  Puppy Pre-School is set in a safe, disease-free environment by a trained instructor.
A dog lacking in socialisation may become wary or frightened of different environments, animals and people alike. It is our job as owners to teach them that there is no need to be frightened or wary. Dogs should be rewarded by either food or praise when meeting someone or something new.  In this way the dog begins to learn that what was causing his/her fear is now something that brings food and joy.
It is important however never to force a dog to meet something they are frightened of. It must be on their terms, otherwise it may lead to an increase in anxiety, hence compouding that fear.

Puppy Pre-School classes are held at RSPCA Yagoona & Rouse Hill Care Centre. Please call 9770-7555 for more information.  

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