Wednesday 17 August 2011

New Cupcake Cooks in Newtown

One of the many Cupcake Day Fundraisers held around New South Wales were attended by Community Vet Nurse and Education Officer, Tanya and Eva and it was an all day extravaganza!
Last Friday, students from Athena School were engaged in discussions about responsible pet ownership during the day with interesting issues brought up including how chocolate does significant damage to a dog or cats’ liver if eaten and how crocodiles pick up dog poo! Yes, there was a crocodile in the classroom, as well as a turtle, two rabbits, a frill-necked lizard and a menagerie of other creatures great and small. You guessed right if you said that the students from Athena School also dressed up as their favourite animals and collected gold coins to further support RSPCA NSW!
The afternoon saw a flurry of excitement as cupcakes baked by students from the school were sold to all those who were craving a sugar rush. Above and below are pictures of some the amazing creations and people involved in the day!
Thanks to classroom teacher, Cassie, for organising
the event!


Sarah, one of the parents, helping out at the
schools' Tuckshop
One of the creations which won 'Most Creative Cupcake'


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