Thursday 28 June 2012

Happy Kids all knowing about happy dogs

It's a simple message for the younger members of our community - if the dog isn't feeling happy, then it is not safe to approach!

The happy children of Happy Kids Preschool and Long Day Care Centre were super-keen to learn how to keep themselves safe around happy, angry and even scared dogs.

It's not so different from ourselves, anyone can feel down and prefer to have some alone time, but unfortunately our canine companions cannot verbalise their desires so it is up to us to read their body language.

Thanks to Leah and the Team at Happy Kids for inviting the RSPCA NSW Education Team on an annual basis and following up the visit with further discussion with the kids about what they learnt - it'll definitely stick now!

If you or a group you know would like to learn more about reading a dogs' body language and staying safe around our canines, please give us a call or shoot us an email to organise a visit! 9782 4460 or

Read me, read meee!!

Shoalhaven Careers Expo

On Monday, Mark and Zoe from the Education Team made the trek down to Nowra, to the Shoalhaven Campus of the University of Wollongong.
Monday was the annual Careers Expo where over 1000 students from 9 different schools (from Ulladulla, Nowra, Bomaderry and Vincentia) come to the University Campus to explore different Career Paths and Opportunities they may wish to pursue in the future.
RSPCA were among over 80 organisations and businesses including Universities, Beauticians, Armed Forces, Finance, Nursing, Local Councils, Engineers, Designers, Food and Catering....... The list went on and on and on!
Mark and Zoe were lucky enough to be accompanied by Laura, an animal attendant and vet nurse from the RSPCA Nowra Shelter. Laura was able to talk to students about different pathways into the animal care industry and the positives and negatives of the roles.

Mark and Laura from RSPCA (with some of our chickens!)

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Kindness at Kindalin

The RSPCA NSW Education Team love to see kindness towards animals in any form possible!

One such way is to learn more about different types of animals and understand how we all coexist, so it was a fantastic sight that greeted Education Officer, Eva, when she visited Kindalin Children's Centre last week.

Not only was she invited to spread to dog safety message but she was immersed in a wonderful animal themed centre! Celebrating all things to do with our cute and cuddly friends, the children were learning facts about pets and animals and according to their awesome wall of facts...

  • The largest of all birds is the Ostrich
  • Hermit crabs evolved more than 500 million years ago
  • Cats are superb hunters (Exactly why cat owners should keep their felines indoors, at least at night!)

So much to learn, how exciting!

Friday 22 June 2012

Animal Welfare Goes Global

Language is no barrier when it comes to animal welfare education. On Monday, Mark, Matt and Steph from the Education Team hosted a visit from students studying at the Japanese Omiya International Animal College in Japan.
With tour guides and interpreters in tow, the students toured the RSPCA Sydney facility and received a presentation on RSPCA and animal welfare. One of the RSPCA campaigns, Humane Food was presented and the students discovered the welfare issues for layer hens, meat chickens and sows raised in an intensively farmed system in Australia. The students also had the opportunity to see the RSPCA sow stall display and see how consumer choices can make a difference to the lives of these animals.
We hope the students enjoyed their time at RSPCA and thank them for taking our animal welfare messages back home.

See you next time Omiya International Animal College!  

Tuesday 19 June 2012

The message that saved a chicken...

Never underestimate the power of education...The RSPCA NSW Education Team never will!

As the days go on and the Team continue educating, it can be difficult to see the impact that our animal welfare knowledge can have so it was a momentous occasion when a Mortdale Public School student wrote back to the Team to thank them for their visit. Not only that, but it brought a tear to our collective eye knowing that it may have just spelled the end of a caged life for a hen somewhere far, far away...

If everyone could make the switch to cage free eggs, battery hens would become a thing of the past! Until then, the RSPCA NSW Education Team will continue to spread the word...

For more info to help family and friends make the animal-friendly choice, click here.
C'lucky chicky indeed!

Friday 15 June 2012

Cheltenham Cupcakes!!!!!

Yesterday, Zoe from RSPCA NSW Education attended Cheltenham Girls High School's annual RSPCA fundraiser organised by the Student Representative Council.

The dedicated SRC members had spent the last few days baking and decorating cupcakes of all shapes and sizes ready for the event which was a HUGE success last year where they sold out of cupcakes within 20 minutes!

This year, armed with a LOT more cupcakes than last year, the girls worked tirelessly, serving their fellow students, and selling out in 20minutes AGAIN! Perhaps baking 3 dozen each might be the trick for next year girls?

The calm before the storm....

Cheltenham Girls stocking up on cupcakes!

And after 20 minutes.... there were none!

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Brrrrrrr.... Winter is DEFINITELY here!

With winter just around the corner, it’s important we know how to keep our pets comfortable and warm during the colder months!

If your pet lives/sleeps outside, you will need to make sure they have a well insulated shelter that is water and windproof.  If the shelter is raised off the ground, this will make sure moisture can’t get inside and will also make it harder for the cold to creep in!
If your pet is a house dog or cat, make sure their bed/matt is placed in a warm, safe place away from drafts, possibly even lifted off the ground (or with some extra padding if it’s on tile/concrete). 
If it’s really cold, you can always throw a blanket over your dogs body at night to keep him warm.

Do you get hungrier in winter? I know I do!
It’s perfectly normal for us to feel hungrier in winter as we may burn more calories keeping ourselves warm, and this applies to our pets too!  Ask your vet what is the right amount of food for your pet.
And even though we may not seem to drink as much in winter, it’s important to make sure there is clean, fresh water available at all times.

It’s so easy to stay in front of the warm fire on a cold winters day, rather than going for a walk with your pooch, but exercise is important at all times of the year!
For dogs and cats with short hair or a slim body (like a whippet or greyhound), a jacket for any outside time is a great idea so they don’t feel the cold as much.
If your dog gets wet or muddy when out for a walk, make sure you dry them so they’re not uncomfortable, and clean their feet and fur.

Antifreeze is used in cars to stop the engine from freezing over.  It is a danger to animals anytime of the year, but more people use it in winter. It’s highly toxic to animals, and even a lick can cause illness.
Make sure you keep an eye on your dog at all times, and that cars at your house aren’t leaking antifreeze.  If you suspect your pet has had ANY antifreeze, take them straight to your local vet.

And finally, did you know your dog's normal temperature is a few degrees higher than yours? (Humans 36-37 degrees Celsius, Dogs/Cats 39 degrees Celsius).  That makes winter the perfect time of year to snuggle up - so have fun and stay warm!

Friday 8 June 2012

Doggy Boot Camp!

On Sunday May 27th, the RSPCA Care Centre in Rouse Hill held its first "Doggy Boot Camp".

The Education team attended to speak to pet owners about responsible pet care and dog safety.

Over thirty dogs and their owners turned up on the day for a warm-up and workout with Anytime Fitness and some behavioural and training tips from experts.

A great way to spend a sunny winter Sunday!

Warming up outside the Care Centre....

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Safety and Responsibility? Pfft!

RSPCA NSW Education Team aren't just about Dog Safety and Responsible Pet Ownership when it comes to school talks! You can bet that the Team can discuss any animal welfare topic, at anytime, any place!

This challenge was accepted by Education Officer, Eva, when she was requested by a School in South Western Sydney to assist two Year 5 classes with their community project. For the second year, the grade has chosen an issue around environmental sustainability and this time focusing on how to help the number of native wildlife in the local area.

Never fear, Eva is here! A topic all too familiar to RSPCA NSW is stray cats and they definitely have a massive impact on the population of native wildlife. The students were aghast at one particular activity which illustrated what can happen if just two cats are undesexed and left to their own devices - the numbers are unbelievable!

And the issue isn't confined to our State, recently Victoria launched a campaign, in the hope of educating people about the problem and how they can help. Trust us, feeding stray cats makes things worse and not better!

Click here for more information on the Campaign:

Monday 4 June 2012

July School Holiday Program - Enrolments Open

RSPCA NSW Education School Holiday Program was launched in January 2012 at the Sydney Shelter. It provides a unique opportunity for children and youths to see first hand how RSPCA NSW operate with the Southern Hemipshere’s largest animal shelter, one of Australia’s biggest team of Vets and home to the famous ‘Animal Rescue’ crew – the main animal law enforcement body in the State.

From providing environmental enrichment to our canine companions and keeping up the grooming schedule for our feline friends to hearing the harrowing tales from a seasoned RSPCA Inspector and performing a mock surgery with our RSPCA Vets, the RSPCA NSW School Holiday Program is a look into animal welfare from a whole different perspective.

Participants are asked to find their calling, either in the Primary, Secondary or Youth Program and join the RSPCA NSW Education Team for a journey into our fight against animal cruelty!

Stop Cruelty:
Inspector and Animal Attendant Role, Animal Cruelty and Responsible Pet Ownership
Save Lives Day:
Veterinarian Role, Animal Health and Responsible Pet Ownership

Stop Cruelty:
Inspector and Animal Attendant Role, Animal Cruelty and Responsible Pet Ownership
Save Lives:
Veterinarian Role, Animal Health and Animal behaviour and Training
For more information and to book online, go to:


Friday 1 June 2012

A mountain of goods!

This week, Steph visited Mt St Thomas Preschool to talk to the kids about caring for animals. The kids enjoyed meeting ‘Bullet’ (our life size toy dog) and took turns giving him all the different things a dog needs to be a happy and healthy.
At the end of the presentation, Steph was presented with a mountain of donated toys, treats and blankets brought in by the kids . These will go to the animals at the RSPCA Illawarra Shelter. Thank you Mt St Thomas Preschool!

Bullet and the items donated to RSPCA by Mt St Thomas Preschool