Wednesday 3 July 2013

It's time to say 'Goodbye'...

Dear loyal blog readers,

It’s time to bid farewell to our amazingly awesome RSPCA NSW Education blog but fear not! We are moving to bigger and better things!
This blog will be packing its bag, hauling its memories and taking the stories to the RSPCA NSW blog page which houses all types of interesting reads about the going-on’s of RSPCA NSW.

What is a blog if it does not talk to as many people as possible and this is our attempt to reach the masses and let them know that we are continuing our journey to inspire the next generation of animal lovers.

It’s been a fantastic two years talking to you all about the work that the RSPCA NSW Education Team are doing, working hard to meet society’s thirst for knowledge in the world of animal welfare. From lil preschoolers of three years to refined seniors of 95 years, from Albury to Tweed Heads, there’s no person or place the Team will not venture to so they can spread their message
If you’re in the mood to reminisce, feel free to look back over our entries over the years for the next few months but when you’re feeling like some fresh news hop onto:

We hope to see you all there soon!


RSPCA NSW Education Team

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