Thursday 4 April 2013

Cage = Cruelty?

"Should animals be kept in cages?"
This question, often fraught with many ethical and moral considerations, was posed to Year 3 and 5 students from Newington College recently and they had to decide where they stood on the issue.
Education Officer, Eva Wong, went along to give the students an RSPCA perspective and discussed two prime examples of animals in cages including puppy factories and battery hens – two situations that we can all agree are not in the best interests of the animals.
The students were shocked to see the type of conditions some animals were kept and they were adamant that animals deserve better!
The next step was for the students to write an exposition, answering the question and stating their point of view.
Here are some quotes from their work...
“Would you like to live in a cage for your whole life?”
“It is obvious that animals should not be kept in cages because they cannot express their natural behaviour”
“It is cruel to keep animals in cages because it is not comfortable for them”
Thanks to Adrian, Thomas, Dhruv and Alexis from 5M for your opnions on the issue! J
Don't cage me in!