Friday 22 June 2012

Animal Welfare Goes Global

Language is no barrier when it comes to animal welfare education. On Monday, Mark, Matt and Steph from the Education Team hosted a visit from students studying at the Japanese Omiya International Animal College in Japan.
With tour guides and interpreters in tow, the students toured the RSPCA Sydney facility and received a presentation on RSPCA and animal welfare. One of the RSPCA campaigns, Humane Food was presented and the students discovered the welfare issues for layer hens, meat chickens and sows raised in an intensively farmed system in Australia. The students also had the opportunity to see the RSPCA sow stall display and see how consumer choices can make a difference to the lives of these animals.
We hope the students enjoyed their time at RSPCA and thank them for taking our animal welfare messages back home.

See you next time Omiya International Animal College!  

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