Tuesday 26 June 2012

Kindness at Kindalin

The RSPCA NSW Education Team love to see kindness towards animals in any form possible!

One such way is to learn more about different types of animals and understand how we all coexist, so it was a fantastic sight that greeted Education Officer, Eva, when she visited Kindalin Children's Centre last week.

Not only was she invited to spread to dog safety message but she was immersed in a wonderful animal themed centre! Celebrating all things to do with our cute and cuddly friends, the children were learning facts about pets and animals and according to their awesome wall of facts...

  • The largest of all birds is the Ostrich
  • Hermit crabs evolved more than 500 million years ago
  • Cats are superb hunters (Exactly why cat owners should keep their felines indoors, at least at night!)

So much to learn, how exciting!

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