Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Safety and Responsibility? Pfft!

RSPCA NSW Education Team aren't just about Dog Safety and Responsible Pet Ownership when it comes to school talks! You can bet that the Team can discuss any animal welfare topic, at anytime, any place!

This challenge was accepted by Education Officer, Eva, when she was requested by a School in South Western Sydney to assist two Year 5 classes with their community project. For the second year, the grade has chosen an issue around environmental sustainability and this time focusing on how to help the number of native wildlife in the local area.

Never fear, Eva is here! A topic all too familiar to RSPCA NSW is stray cats and they definitely have a massive impact on the population of native wildlife. The students were aghast at one particular activity which illustrated what can happen if just two cats are undesexed and left to their own devices - the numbers are unbelievable!

And the issue isn't confined to our State, recently Victoria launched a campaign, in the hope of educating people about the problem and how they can help. Trust us, feeding stray cats makes things worse and not better!

Click here for more information on the Campaign:

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