Tuesday 19 July 2011

Balloons = Smiles

Yesterday it was concluded that balloons DO equal smiles, according to Education Team members Claire, Matt and Tanya and the kids they encountered. Setting up an information stall in Rosemeadow Marketplace saw the Community Education Managers and Community Vet Nurse give away more than just balloons, but all important advice to pet owners in the local community. Many people are often overwhelmed by the commitment required when adopting an animal for the first time so providing an opportunity to have their queries answered was the aim of the day.
One enquiry fielded during the day involved a father concerned over the interactions of his young son with strange dogs in the park. Matt provided him with information of how the son’s Childcare Centre could get in contact with the Education Team to organise for the kids to participate in our Dog Safety Program, messages which will prove vital in keeping the young boy safe.

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“I’m thinking of getting a puppy...” was frequently also posed to the Team during the day and they were quick to hand out the RSPCA’s ‘Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide’, outlining how people can avoid supporting Puppy Factories.
It’s important for people to be aware of where their new puppy comes from so RSPCA recommends that people adopt their animal from the many awaiting adoption at Shelters or if a breeder is preferred that you are able to ask the breeder three questions:
1. Can I see the mother of puppy?
2. Can I see the father of the puppy?
3. Can I see where the puppy was born?
The answers to these questions will ensure that you have peace of mind and know that you are not supporting puppy factories.

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