Tuesday 1 May 2012

We found the Cottage overrun with pets!

So it was time to send in the experts...the responsible pet ownership experts!

Education Officer, Eva, went along to Attunga Cottage last week to guide the children in their mission to become responsible pet owners.

The basics were covered, dog food for dogs, fresh water to be changed everyday but it quickly went beyond this and Eva challenged the children's understanding of what would keep their pets mentally stimulated. Various ideas were thrown around but the general consensus was increase the walks, time spent with the pet, provide a buffet of toys and you can minimise periods of boredom and frustration for your pet!

Thanks Attunga for inviting RSPCA NSW Education to be part of your pet-themed week, we hope you guys have the place under control now :)

Attunga Cottage Pet Corner, now open for business!

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