Tuesday 8 May 2012

How do I care for a woof, meow or cluck?

Such important questions are often asked of the RSPCA NSW Education Team and the answer is not so simple. So when Lindfield East Public School invited the Team to speak with the Year 2 students, Education Officer, Eva, was prepared for a myriad of questions, queries and qualms.

The Responsible Pet Ownership Program equips participants with an in-depth knowledge of 9 facets of what it means to care for a pet. It focuses primarily on the care of our canine and feline friends but Lindfield East Public may find the content more relevant for their future prospects as guinea pig carers! How wonderful for an animal to have several hundred guardians and this is nothing new for the resident chooks (pictured below).

Hopefully we'll see you guys knocking at RSPCA's doors soon to adopt one of our pocket pets!

Brave lil chook came on over to say hello.

So proud of their homes, they couldn't wait to show us around!

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