Thursday 3 May 2012

What a life!

Max, the RSPCA NSW Education Team mascot, has had his fair share good and bad days. Sure, one time a kid called him a lion but Max isn't one to turn his nose up at a compliment of the feline kind.

Yesterday was definitely a good day for Maximus (affectionately lengthed by Education Officer, Eva) and he found himself living it up in on the warm sands of Coogee Beach. After a morning stroll where he made sure to obey the signs (see picture below), Max and his Education Officer sidekick, Eva, went along to a nearby Kindergarten. They had requested that the children be informed on safety around dogs and with an abundance of canine companions on the beach, often off-lead, it was a perfect idea!

Thanks to all the parents who turned up to the talk! It takes repetition and reiteration from the children's role models for all the new information to stick!

"Stay Max, stay...!"

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