Thursday 24 November 2011

There's no wait for Waitara!

Education Officer, Eva, cannot wait to visit Waitara Public School again next week following an interesting visit earlier this week.

Eva was already keen to visit the school on Monday as they had fundraised for RSPCA NSW and she could not wait to let the students know how the money was going to help all the animals at their whole school assembly. It was a privilege then to meet Martine and Lily who had taken it upon themselves to individually fundraise for RSPCA both for NSW and for QLD during their flood appeal.

What a turn of events when a Year 5 Teacher, Mrs Fiona Lee, proudly informed Eva that her class was currently researching global organisations and one group has chosen RSPCA and the entire class would love to hear first hand about the organisation.

The class had some amazing questions and it showed true understanding and analysis of the various animal welfare issues that we deal with on a daily basis.

And it doesn't stop there, tune in next week to see what else the class has done to delve deeper into RSPCA!

I wonder what they're up to next week...?


  1. I really the RSPCA group has done well, and as a student at Waitara I have experienced this

  2. Waitara are a fantastic school, raising awarness of RSPCA. Thanks a lot!