Monday 21 November 2011

The sweet sound of responsible pet ownership!

As great as the voices are of the RSPCA NSW Education Team when educating the public, their harmonies don't compare to that of Jessica Mauboy. And it's fantastic news to hear that Jess Mauboy, along with Nintendo® have hit the publicity trail to promote a great alternative to adopting a dog or cat - adopting a virtual dog or cat!

Nintendo® have released their game "Nintendogs + cats" and for the first time RSPCA has put their 'paw of approval' on the game. "Nintendogs + cats" lets you find the puppy or kitten that's right for you and just like owning a real one, the more you train, care and love your puppy or kitten, the happier and more rewarding they become. You get to watch your puppies and kittens learn to recognise your face and voice commands. Show affection towards them, and train them regularly and you'll be rewarded with a pet that runs up to the screen to greet you!

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn all about responsible pet ownership and everything that is involved. Not just the physical things are important like food and water, but training and showing affection is vital to your virtual and real pets' wellbeing.

Community Education Manager, Matt French, is on the trail along with Jess Mauboy to speak of the benefits of this alternative as RSPCA often sees the consequences of that last minute Christmas gift of a real animal - an animal surrendered into our Shelter after the amusement factor has worn off.

Words of wisdom from Mr French

Go Team "Responsible Pet Ownership!"

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