Wednesday 16 November 2011

Words spread to the West

Words about reponsible pet ownership that is!

Often people adopt an animal without any preparation or research into what is required to keep that animal happy and healthy. RSPCA NSW Education aim to bridge the gap in knowledge by presenting responsible pet care information to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Education Officer, Eva, travelled with the responsible pet ownership message to a primary school in the West on Monday, excited that this was the second visit in as many years. It's always a fantastic opportunity to visit students on an annual basis (although we wouldn't mind daily) and extend their knowledge and understanding.

The students were involved in renacting the various tasks that need to be undertaken on a daily basis to maintain our cats and dogs mental and physical wellbeing. They didn't even shy away from picking up the poo - an intergral part of being a responsilbe pet owner!

If you would like to bring this knowledge to your group, RSPCA NSW Education Team can adapt the content to suit any audience. Call us on 9782 4460 or email

I'm all ears!

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