Friday 25 November 2011

It really is easy as ABC

At RSPCA we love talking to people about what we do. So much in fact that on Wednesday, Education officer Steph attended the ABC Charity Expo and spoke to staff about ways they can get involve through their workplace and help us help the animals.
One of the simplest ways people can help is through the RSPCA Workplace Giving Program. Workplace giving is the best way to donate to the RSPCA NSW if you have a job, want to help the RSPCA NSW and want to help the most efficient and easiest way there is – for you and for the RSPCA NSW.

By donating through your payroll you;

a) do NOT need to keep a receipt for tax time
b) can turn a $1.40 donation from your pay into $4 to the RSPCA NSW and
c) we have no administration costs.

If you would like to find out more about RSPCA Workplace Giving, please view our website here.  RSPCA NSW Education Team members can also visit your workplace and talk to staff about what we do and how your organisation can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit! 

Steph with plenty of information for ABC staff


  1. Hello RSPCA

    I was wondering how every $1.40 donation can turn into a $4 donation? This I feel would be a great motivation for me (and others I'm sure) to donate through the Workplace Giving Program, as my initial donations would therefore seem to be doing more for RSPCA and the animals.

    Thanks for your time


  2. Hi and thank you for the question about workplace giving. The way that a donation of $1.40 can become a $4 donation is if your workplace matches your donation. All donations are made from pre-tax pay. This means the tax deduction is immediate and guaranteed. If you donate $1.40, when the tax is added it reaches $2 (please note, this depends on your tax rate). Your company would then match that donation meaning a $4 donation to the charity from a $1.40 donation from yourself.