Tuesday 1 November 2011

Not scared at Howl-aween!

Did you enjoy the Halloween festivities over the weekend, perhaps in the Castle Hill area? If you answered yes, then we're sure you attended the Howl-aween event at Castle Hill Showground and "it was a great pleasure to meet you" says Education Team members, Matt & Eva.

What an amazing day out for dogs with endless agility demonstrations, informative talks (including our very own Matt French) and ofcourse the much anticipated appearance by Wags the Dog.

Matt & Eva set up the infamous 'cage', filled with six chickens - the unfortunate conditions provided for many caged egg-laying chickens and this caught many people unawares as RSPCA is often presumed to deal primarily with cats and dogs but no, we campaign for all creatures great and small!

Those who came by our RSPCA marquee after midday were fortunate enough to meet one of our very own Inspectors, Gillian Hay as she dropped by after attending to a cruelty complaint. It didn't take long for people to realise that one of the stars of the RSPCA 'Animal Rescue' was in our presence and the autographs were flowing freely.

A definite highlight of the day was seeing an ex-RSPCA dog, Max, who was adopted from our Sydney Shelter only 10 months prior by Mahnam Moghaddam. It was great to see how well they were doing and that Max may have a new buddy soon! We'll see you at the Shelter again soon Mahnam!

Finally, a massive thank you to the third place prize winner in the "Best Dressed Family Competition" for donating their prize, a $30 voucher for pet supplies, to RSPCA NSW so that more toys and treats can be purchased for Shelter dogs. What an awesomely generous gesture!

Gill's right hand has now recovered from the numerous
autograph requests, hehe

Another happy story - Mahnam found her best
bud from RSPCA

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