Wednesday 23 November 2011

Who can help RSPCA Shelter animals? Kanwal can!

Big thanks to the 1st Kanwal Joey Scout groups for providing RSPCA NSW with a collection of toys and treats for the Shelter animals to enjoy! RSPCA NSW required over $39 million just in the last financial year to run the whole organisation so any monetary or item donations are greatly appreciated.
Education Officer, Steph, went along last week to speak with the kids about how their generousity will help out all the animals who temporarily call RSPCA home. Rusty, the Education Team mascot, also went along to help the kids practice how to safely meet a dog for the first time – practice makes perfect! An intergral part of our Dog Safety Program, the knowledge will definitely benefit the kids and help keep them safe on the streets with whopping 63% of the Australian population identifying themselves as pet owners!
If you or a group you know would like to fundraise or collect goods for the RSPCA NSW, the Education Team would love to make the most of the opportunity and show our appreciation with a visit and a talk! To contact us, please call 9782 4460 or email

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