Monday 7 November 2011

Thanks for the memories Port Macq!

RSPCA NSW Education Officers Steph and Eva farewelled Port Macquarie on Friday, following a week long visit initiated by the local Port Macquarie Branch. The branch were awarded a grant from the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to deliver education programs in the local high schools to combat incidents of animal cruelty, so they invited the Team to spearhead the implementation.
A visit to Camden Haven High School wrapped up the week where Steph delivered a program focusing on what constitutes animal cruelty, how students can identify it and assist RSPCA by making a complaint. There is often a  misconception and unfounded fear that people who are investigated by our Inspectors are “in trouble” but often this is not the case and the focus is on educating them on the proper care of their animals.
Jackianne Wright, the president of the RSPCA Port Macquarie Branch came along and gave the students an insight to some of the fantastic initiatives implemented by the Branch in the local community. The latest project is the renovation of the Port Macquarie Shelter, with all the funds raised for the project coming from the Port Macquarie community and just another example of how fundraising in the local community benefits the animals from that community.

The school is fortunate enough to be home to various farm animals with their self-run agricultural plot, see some pics below!

We love seeing free range in action!

Steph getting up close and personal, aww!

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