Wednesday 2 November 2011

Chickens and pigs and Mark, oh my!

Yesterday saw 16 broilers, 6 layers, 1 sow and 4 members of the RSPCA NSW Education Team set up an array of interactive humane food displays for students at Heritage Christian School.
Need a quick vocab lesson?
Broiler = chickens that we eat for meat
Layer = hens that provide us with eggs
Sow = female pig
4 Education Team members = Mark, Steph & Eva with Marianne our Media Officer as an Honourary member.
Humane food is a major campaign for the RSPCA and one where each individual can directly impact the welfare of farm animals every time they shop at the supermarket. These issues were presented to the Food Technology and Hospitality students, with the aim of increasing their awareness of issues they will need to consider if they are to pursue careers in the food industry.

What’s the biggest issue across each of the three systems? Space.
  • Caged chickens are afforded less space than an A4 piece of paper.
  • Broilers in intensive systems may number around 20 chickens for each m².
  • Sows live in a stall which allows them to sit and move back and forth, but there is no room to turn around.
Animals in these intensive production systems are unable to exhibit their natural behaviours.
RSPCA encourages consumers to make a higher welfare choice by choosing better welfare options and allow chickens to do ‘chicken things’ and pigs to do ‘pig things’. Look for:
-          Cage free, Free range, Barn laid
-          Free range chicken
-          Bred free range, Free range pork

Peaches the Pig was the main attraction in her decomissioned
sow stall

Jess putting law into practice - an unbelievable six hens are
legally permitted inside the cage

Mark in his element - speaking on all things related to
humane food

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