Thursday 6 December 2012

International cans of goodness

For the third year running, International Grammar School has spent most of 2012 collecting cans of pet food for the shelter animals at the RSPCA Sydney Shelter. Delivering them just in time for the Christmas period, the students went ‘can crazy’ with a collection of 215 cans!
Why are these cans so important? Although wet food does not make up the bulk of our shelter animals’ diets with their sustenance coming mainly in the form of dry biscuits to aid dental hygiene, that mooshy goodness does have its place. For those animals who have had dental surgery, oldies with no teeth and picky eaters, canned food is a welcome and often necessary substitute!
With an anticipated influx of unwanted animals over the Christmas break, RSPCA NSW are bracing themselves for another difficult festive season. So thank you to all the students at the International Grammar School for making our shelter animals’ lives that little bit better!
Good luck to next years students, setting themselves the challenge of beating 215 cans!
See you guys next year with hopefully even MORE cans!

1 comment:

  1. With you on the side of animal cruelty they hvae a future. Well done and a happy future for you all.