Monday 5 March 2012

A letter for change

The RSPCA NSW Education Team are constantly on a mission to educate the community with the aim of improving the level of animal welfare in society. We encourage individuals, groups and organisations to make an impact with the smallest gesture to the largest fundraising venture.

So it is no surprise that Education Officer, Eva, is as pleased as punch to learn that some passionate students from Karningul School went above and byond to try and improve the lives of some often forgotten farm animals.

What started off as a visit to the School to speak to a small group about the history, behaviour and physical adaptations of our canine and feline friends, quickly turned into a discussion about the animal welfare issues prevalent in the local community. One hot topic was that of cage chickens and the different farming systems our eggs come from. The students were shocked to learn that 'cage eggs' came from chickens who lived their lives in a wire cage without being able to exhibit any of their natural behaviour such as nesting, dust bathing or even stretching their wings.

This new found knowledge prompted two students to take time out of their day and express their outrage in a letter. They each composed written correspondence to their local MP to voice their concerns about intensively farmed layer hens, as under our current legislation, it is not illegal.

The RSPCA NSW Education Team would like to applaud their efforts and encourage any members of the community to do the same if they feel that animal welfare should be higher on the agenda of our local MPs.

It's time to have my say!

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