Tuesday 20 March 2012

There's hope in Wauchope

The compassion and understanding shown by students at Wauchope High School for animals yesterday was almost overwhelming for Education Officers, Zoe and Eva.

Last Thursday, Zoe and Eva rounded up another awesome week in Port Macquarie. The Team visited last November as part one of an Education Initiative funded by the local Hastings Council grant won by the Port Macquarie Branch. Their last school visit, saw Zoe and Eva speak with Year 11 and 12 students currently undertaking subjects in agriculture and primary industries.

Students had an amazing understanding about some animal welfares issues, ideas that the average person would struggle to comprehend. Issues relating the the welfare of layer hens, broiler chickens and sheep were major topics of interest and they were curious to know where RSPCA NSW stood on the issues.

Zoe reminded the students that they are the up and coming generation of pet owners and farmers and will therefore have a profound impact on the future of animal welfare. To know that they are equipped with such high animal welfare standards, it definitely puts smile on RSPCA's face!

Education Team chooks are starting to enjoy
the limelight!

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