Wednesday 28 March 2012

Leap into Knowledge

RSPCA NSW Education Officers, Zoe and Eva, sadly farewelled Port Macquarie over a week and a half ago. On that Friday, Team ZE (Team Zoe & Eva) couldn't stand spending 5 hours on the road, without educating anyone so it was perfect that Leap Frog called in the experts - the responsible pet ownership experts!

Based in Newcastle, Leap Frog provides support services to people and families living with a disability or who are disadvantaged so Team ZE couldn't wait to chat to some of the wonderful staff and individuals.

The mission was clear - share important knowledge on how to be a responsible pet owner. This goes beyond just the feeding and watering regime but delves deep into the nitty gritty, like hygiene disposal, signs of illness even how to keep obesity at bay!

The participants were a lively bunch with some dog owners, some cat owners and some without pets. It was a great opportunity for the group to share their wealth of knowledge with each other and hear what is considered best practice from RSPCA NSW's perspective.

Thanks Leap Frog for the invite and afternoon tea and we look forward to visiting more of your groups soon!

Thanks Leap Frog for our afternoon treat!
(Look closely to see what it is...)

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