Tuesday 13 March 2012

A taste of freedom

Where can you see good food, large crowds and the RSPCA NSW Education Team chickens in the one place? At the annual Taste of Sydney Festival in Centennial Park.

If you treated your taste buds over the weekend at Taste then we hope you dropped by the RSPCA NSW Education stall. Confused as to why RSPCA NSW had a presence of the food festival? Well, so were many passerbys! It didn't occur to many people that RSPCA isn't just about cats and dogs but as the slogan goes: "all animals great and small" including those animals which provide us with sustenance.

The Team's mission was clear: get people thinking about humane food and how their choices have a direct impact on the welfare of chickens, pigs and turkeys.

The RSPCA NSW Education Team chickens were on hand to demonstrate the amount of room afforded to them in a battery cage - less than an A4 piece of paper.

It was great to hear an array of opinions and perspectives on the issue with many people questioning the accuracy of eggs labelled 'free range'. One way to clear the confusion would be to shop for produce that has been RSPCA accredited. These farms are kept accountable by standards that are publicly available and regular inspections by RSPCA assessors.

Thanks to all those who made a donation and took home a schnazzy enviro bag!

Rebecca Vella, RSPCA NSW Business Relations Partner
making friends with the chickens

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