Monday 27 February 2012

Dog Safety hits the City!

The RSPCA NSW Education Team has joined forces with the City Of Sydney Council to offer RSPCA NSW's Dog Safety and Responsible Pet Ownership Program to all the school's in the Sydney Local Government Area.

Unfortunately, numerous dog bite incidents are reported each year and coupled with over 63% of the Australian population owning a pet, the educational messages couldn't come at a better time. The RSPCA NSW Education Programs will play an important role in equipping the younger members of our community with the knowledge to staying safe when interacting with our canine companions and how they can take on the responsibilities for caring for their furry friends.

Both programs will dispel many misconceptions when it comes to dog behaviour and pet care and many students may be surprised to learn how knowledge has changed over the years and what family and friends previously advised may not be best practice.

But don't be fooled though by this initiative, RSPCA NSW Education Programs are no longer just targetted at children in schools, the Education Team can adapt any animal welfare topic to any group, at any location and we can be there anytime!

If you would like to book a program for your group, please contact the Education Team on 9782 4460 or

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