Thursday 23 February 2012

Munch, munch, THANKS, munch, munch...

Not only did the Education Team get a whole lot of good conversations from the Sydney Pet and Animal Expo but they also received a donation of doggie treats for the Shelter dogs!

Thanks to "Pooch in the Pantry" for three massive bags of dog biscuits which will go down a treat with the dogs, staff and volunteers!

RSPCA Shelter's are always in need of treats as it helps us when we use positive reinforcement to train our dogs. As Tanya Dominguez, Pet Behavioural Trainer, would say "you wouldn't work for free, so why would our dogs?" and treats always come in handy when rewarding our dogs!

See the pics below of Animal Attendants Sarah and Taz, with Cadet and Jock (both currently awaiting adoption) getting into the treats!

(From left to right) Sarah, Cadet, Jock and Taz before the treats
are opened!

Mmm, let the feasting begin!

Sarah can attest to their good taste!

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