Tuesday 14 February 2012

Everyone needs to desex!

Did you know that in five years one female dog and its offspring can produce approximately 20,000 puppies?
And in only two years, one female cat and its offspring can produce approximately 20,000 kittens!

Many pet owners are unaware that their one undesexed pet can contribute to the many unwanted litters that RSPCA NSW take in every year as well as the hundreds of stray animals left to fend for themselves. Stray animals often suffer an awful life of starvation, disease, lack of shelter and love, abuse and continue the cycle of over-breeding.

The solution is simple - desexing our cats and dogs!

For a cost as small as $100 for a male cat and $165 for a small male dog, the RSPCA NSW Vet Clinic can desex, provide pain relief before and after the operation, organise a discharge consult and ensure optimal nursing care during the entire process.

And the benefits for both you and the animal are endless! See our RSPCA Knowledge Base for more information.

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