Wednesday 8 February 2012

Lost Pets?

Today we received a number of calls from concerned pet owners looking for their lost pets. Did you know there are simple things you can do to increase your chances of being reunited with your pets should they become lost?
Here are some things you can do;
·         Keep up to date quality photographs of your pet which you can duplicate and distribute.
·         Make sure your pets wear their collar and ID tags at all times and have them micro chipped. For most animals in NSW a microchip is a legal requirement.
·         Always have a secondary contact number, preferably a mobile, on the ID tag or microchip record.
·         Contact your local animal shelters and council pounds – even try the ones outside of your area. Sometimes animals wander far from home or are found by people and taken to pounds in another area. Also contact the vets in your area and see if your animal is there or someone may have left details.
·         If your pet is micro chipped contact your council and ask them to note on the Companion Animals Registry that your pet is missing.
·         Do the rounds of pounds and animal shelters yourself – go at least once a week.
·         Make up leaflets with a description of your pet and drop them in letter boxes and put signs up around your area.
·         Recently moved? Check your old home regularly. Leave food out in the place you used to feed your pet and ask neighbours to keep an eye out and contact you if they should see your pet. Put up signs and do a “letter box” drop in this area also.
And remember, keep looking! Even if it is weeks after your pet went missing. Sometimes people that find stray animals keep them for a while before handing them in or perhaps your pet was so frightened whilst lost that it took a while before anyone could catch it and take it to a pound or Shelter.
For a detailed list of things you can do to search for your lost pets, visit our website 

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