Wednesday 12 October 2011

Supportive staff secures safety!

That's right! Thanks to the super-supportive staff at Shelley Bear Childcare Centre, the RSPCA NSW Education Team can be sure that the kids will be safe around dogs!

Education Officer, Eva, visited the Centre today to deliver our Dog Safety program and as effective as the messages are, it really is up to the staff to expose the children to the information regularly over the next week or so. It was great to hear the staff say that they would! This will ensure that the children retain the information more successfully and can more easily draw on it should the occasion arise.

Simple activities and games can be played to reinforce the steps and why not consider inviting the RSPCA Education Team to make a follow up visit accompanied by a real dog? Although this will depend on the availlability of staff, it offers a great opportunity for the participants to put their knowledge to the test and see if they remember what to do when meeting a dog for the first time.

To organise a visit from the RSPCA NSW Education Team, please contact 9782 4460 or

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