Wednesday 5 October 2011

Justice is brought to the RSPCA Shelter dogs!

Juvenile Justice to be exact!

Today saw Education Team members, Mark and Eva, make a visit to a Juvenile Justice Centre in Western Sydney and for the second time this year, youths from the Centre took time out of their daily routine to bake pupcakes for the dogs at the Yagoona Shelter (see below for pictures of some very satisfied canine customers!)

As it was the fourth visit to the Centre in the last year and having discussed such topics as animal cruelty and breed specific legislation, this time around saw the youths made aware of the realities of puppy factories. One of our current campaigns, many youths did not realise what it means if you purchase a puppy online or through a newspaper advertisement - you are very likely to be supporting these establishments. The RSPCA NSW Education Team ask that next time you are thinking of adopting a dog, either visit an animal shelter or a reputable breeder than can do three things for you:
  1. Show you the mother of the litter
  2. Show you the father of the litter
  3. Show you where the litter was born
For more information about the RSPCA puppy factory campaign click here.

Remember Rex? Here he is enjoying a freshly baked pupcake!

Meg, our fantastic 3-legged dog, gets a well-deserved treat!

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