Tuesday 4 October 2011

Oh the joys of toys!

A handful of Shelter animals were alleviated from their boredom today thanks to the kids joining the RSPCA NSW Education Team for the School Holiday Program.

The kids participation saw a two-fold approach to keeping some Shelter cats and dogs mentally stimulated and began with a treat-making venture with involved something sticky, something crunchy and something bouncy. The kids definitely got their hands dirty and saw the fruits of their labour enjoyed by some very eager adult dogs including Rex and Jeanie (see below for some adorable images).

The adult cats were next to be entertained and who would've guessed that their toys would provide as much amusement for the kids as the cats themselves! Watch out Shelter cats - your moving mouse toy may go missing!

It's great to know that the kids learnt the importance of providing different toys and treat for our companion animals, having seen firsthand how much enjoyment they provide. Every pet, if left alone at home, should have many different things to keep them occupied until such time that their best friends (yes, you, the human companion) returns home!

Rex, Labrador x Kelpie - calm and collected Senior dog

Jeanie, Australian Cattledog - thoroughly enjoys learning
new tricks

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