Friday 28 October 2011

Living it large in Liverpool!

Despite the weather frowning on us yesterday, there were smiles all round at the Children's Week Community Event in Liverpool.

Education Team members, Mark, Steph and Eva, met many of the local residents, both adults and children, and heard some of their thoughts on the state of animal welfare affairs in the area. A major issue for many communities that continues to rear its head is the abundance of stray cats. A simple way cat owners can help ease the problem is to contain their cats to an enclosed area, at a minimum from dusk until dawn. Coupled with desexing, it would help to lessen the number of stray cats. A major campaign focusing on this issue is underway in Victoria so click here for more information.

If your local council or community are holding an event, the RSPCA NSW Education Team would love to go along and chat with anyone that comes our way! Contact us on 9782 4460 or

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