Friday 28 October 2011

Hop, hop, hop!

What a fantastic way to say "thanks" with a kangaroo hop, hoppity, hop! This is exactly what the 1st East Gosford Joey Scouts did yesterday to show their appreciation for Education Officer, Eva, making her way to the group for an all important discussion on responsible pet care.

The Scouts were spot-on with their knowledge and yet Eva was still able to astound them with information on how cats keep themselves clean, the harmful effect worms have on our pets and why it is so important to walk our dogs every single day - there's no such thing as a "lazy day" when you own a dog!

Our Education Team mascot, Max the Collie was having the afternoon off, so he sent along his
pal, Rusty the German Shepherd. For those of you who have been avidly following our Blog, you may have been eargerly awaiting the names for our new friends and yes Rusty and Dusty are their names, educating the NSW public is their game!

If you would love to meet the mascots or the Education Team, invite us to speak with your group! Call us on 9782 4460 or email us

Thanks to Angie for inviting RSPCA Education to Gosford!

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